Raelian Movement supports government plans to legalise prostitution!

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JOHANNESBURG, July 22 – In a public statement made on Friday, Ntsamina Mahouassa, National Guide and spokesperson of the Raelian Movement in South Africa, strongly countered the criticism some religious groups have expressed about government plans to legalize prostitution for the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.

“Not all religious groups are against this plan,” Mahoussa said. “Prophet Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, and all other Raelians support the government of South Africa in this matter, and we encourage the legislators to legalize prostitution not only for 2010, but permanently.”Mahouassa recalled Prophet Rael’s very clear words on the issue of prostitution:

“Selling sex for money is no worse than selling any other part of one’s own body, including the brain. Some societies criminalize the sexual part because they were shaped by Judeo/Islamic/Christian values that consider sex to be bad. I prefer to see a girl selling her body for sex rather than see a scientist selling his brain to the weapons industry, which will use his knowledge to kill millions of people. Sex – using protection, of course – never kills anybody.”

Prophet Rael added: “Of course, whenever women – or men – are victimized and forced into prostitution against their will by pimps, gangsters or criminal prostitution networks, we must fight it and protect the victims. But as long as it is the free will of adults and independent people, we must respect their freedom to make money the way they want to.”

“One of the dramatic consequences of Christian values imposed on us by the Colonizers is the ill-fulfilled sexuality of many people in our society, leading to mental unbalance, aggression and violence,” Mahoussa commented. “Because sexuality has a fundamental role in the blossoming of all human beings, by providing their services to the society, sex workers are thereby contributing to make it much healthier.”

For more about Prophet Rael’s views on prostitution, see http://raelianews.org/news.php?extend.2

About the Raelian Movement:

The Raelian Movement is an atheist religion. It proclaims that all life on Earth was created by scientists of a highly advanced civilization that has mastered genetic engineering. In 1973, these beings, called Elohim in the Bible, gave Rael an extraordinary message revealing the true origin of humanity and the keys to its future. (For more information, see www.rael.org and www.raelafrica.org). It is to the Elohim that our African ancestors referred in their beautiful traditional religions, in which they worshipped while naked or barely dressed.

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