A black Christian is a traitor to the memory of his ancestors …

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Kayemb Uriël Nawej alias the Nlongi

This book is not at all an incitement to racial hatred or to vengeance regarding the crimes that the white race may have committed towards the black race, not at all. The white race has already paid the price for its crimes: it has lost its purity, its innocence and this is due to the crimes that it has committed. A people that is responsible for and guilty of such crimes becomes embittered and its level of civilization fades away bit by bit. But there are many among the white race that is ashamed of this vile part of their history and they work to restore or dream of a just equilibrium.

Those people will recognize themselves in this work. The whole of Africa salutes them and will always keep a special place for them in its heart. Because Africa has kept its purity, it has never looked for revenge towards white man. This Africa, despite all the cruelty it suffered, has never wanted to call for an interracial war of blacks against whites. This is what makes the greatness of the African people, and it is surely the reason why this nation is so much appreciated by those “from the sky” who gaze toward our humanity with deep affection and love.

This generous and just attitude of Africa must remain unchanged.

This generous and just attitude of Africa must remain unchanged.

Today, it is not up to Africa to tell the white race to examine itself. It is especially up to herself to do its own self-examination. It has to forgive once and for all, to stop blaming whites and decrying their misdeeds and the causes of their actual misfortune. It must dare to look itself directly into its own eyes, see things as they are today in its own house, amongst Africans themselves, and have the courage to say and recognize what they see in this house.

How many times have we heard an African official or a “black authority” saying, “We blacks, we are cursed, it is as if we were destined to remain inferior, retarded, to remain Negroes! Yes, we are cursed, we will never develop as the Asians or the whites do, we are not capable, mentally or intellectually, we are condemned to remain Negroes forever, always behind the others, cursed”! I have heard similar words coming from the mouth of ministers, ambassadors, African diplomats, some expressing themselves in front of their young children, who drank their words.

What an example! Where is the hope they offer to the young African generations? But, let us forgive them, they don’t know what they are saying and consequently “they don’t know what they are doing”!

But, where does this mentality of eternal colonized and eternal slave come from, this mentality obviously nourished by an enormous, terrible and permanent inferiority complex?

The Catholic Church has been one of the strongest supporters of slavery

The root of this profound evil must come from somewhere. It cannot be simply due to “hazard” or chance. If a community as vast as the African population can be contaminated as a whole by such a complex, the injection of this poison in its body must have been well planned, perfectly orchestrated. This complex could only have been perpetrated at very specific moments in its history and realized by certain actors whose goal was to parasite, weaken, paralyse and sicken it by this poison so that this body would develop only slowly or not at all. This fact is apparent and obvious, otherwise such a discomfort would never have occurred in such a body.

This evil is deep in Africa and if it affects us profoundly because this continent has been completely assimilated at all levels: religiously, politically, economically and socially.

No other nation on earth has lived such an assimilation, none! From this fact it is interesting to make a detailed analysis of the ills inhabiting this body and to destroy once and for all the deadly germs responsible for this state of being.

It is the essential goal of this book.

Kayemb Uriel Nawej

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White Poison - A black Christian is a traitor to the memory of his ancestors
White Poison

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