Humility, the most important quality

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It is science which is important. Likewise your poor ancestors were dominated by the Whites because these had mastered the fire arms you did not know yet.

Unfortunately, less evolved and disrespectful populations, such as the colonizers, use the supremacy brought about by a temporary advance, like the technology, to dominate the others. But in evolved non-violent and peaceful populations like some found in the universe, the ELOHIM for example, it does not work this way. Yet the ELOHIM could colonize us immediately if they wanted it, because their level of science is infinite; their level of knowledge is unimaginable, even for the greatest genius the Earth has borne bears or will bear until a far away future.Know that the ELOHIM are capable of moving away solar systems, we can’t understand how this is possible. They can just decide: this sun, we will rather place it there, we will move this planet and put it here, or we will go and create a solar system some where. If I say this to our earth scientists they would think that I am crazy, raving. By the way if 150 years ago they were told about the genetic code or the computer, they would have said the same thing. It is normal that people are lacking of imagination, they are lacking of science; “Any man is idiot by lack of science”, this was already written in the ancient religious scriptures.

So you should clearly understand that the higher one raises his level of science, the higher one must in parallel rise his level of consciousness, and this is why the ELOHIM are not colonizers. Because they could just in one finger clap subdue totally all the earth population; the largest atomic bombs, the biggest American strategic armaments would be wet petard face to their technology. The Americans would not even have time to fire the bombs, the planes would not even have time to take off, and everything would be paralyzed before any action could be taken. If the ELOHIM wanted to invade and colonize the Earth, this would be very easy for them, but they don’t want that.

One the contrary the ELOHIM tell us: we love you, you are our children, we would have tears in our eyes if you would like to welcomes in remembrance of what we have done for you for you, and if you like it, and only if you like it, build an embassy for us and this will be the most beautiful day of our life, and we hope it will also be the most beautiful day of your life. This way we could give you a bit of our knowledge to help you, a bit, not too much, because of the risk that some of you might use it for negative purposes. We could go a little bit further, and above all be happy to meet our children and be loved by them. This is what they say.

How can one imagine a greater humility than that of these people who have created everything on Earth….?

They create us in their image, after their likeness with the power of consciousness, of spirit; we are here, we grow and develop, and they help us by sending prophets, messengers, so that we can reach something beautiful. They could rightly say to themselves: we return to our home. But no they say, please, build us an embassy. Is there something which can make us cry more than this in this room?

This is something else as compared to the behaviour of the Whites who came to Africa behaved as conquerors and invaders…. It is a another level of consciousness, asking those they have created, the Whites, the Blacks, the Yellows , would you like to welcome us ? The first colonists could have done the same thing when they arrived; they could have said: hello, excuse-us for disturbing you, would you like to welcome us?

This is the greatness and the wisdom of the ELOHIM humility.

(……) Remember, humility is the most important quality, in particular in countries torn apart like yours. When one is humble, one does not become a military, one does not become a warrior. One may be peace keeper, because it is good to have militaries who keep peace against the unbalanced minds, the insane and violent people, because violent people must be stopped through treatment, from harming non violent people. They are peace keepers; it is good to have a small task force of peace keepers as it is mentioned in the Messages.

But no more militaries who take over the power by force; it is a complete stupidity and you know where it leads most of the populations of the Earth to.

The absolute non –violence comes from humility. Who am I to dare to impose my wish to the others? Who am I? Nothing! A bit of dust, we all are a bit of dust with consciousness, a bit of dust capable of being conscious that we are the Infinite becoming conscious of itself. In fact, we are the intelligence of the Infinite, because infinity in itself is silly, it becomes intelligent through the human being. The Infinite is stupid, and has no intelligence, except when it becomes alive — yet it is only the same small parts of which it is composed…

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