The decolonization of Africa: United Kingdoms of Kama, One Currency and One Army (Video)

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The decolonization of AfricaVia Skype, African Happiness Academy, August 17th 74 aH, Okinawa, Japan

Hello, friends from Kama!

What is it that I wanted to tell you today in particular? Well that my heart is always with you in Kama. Always and more than ever.

As you know I named a new honorary guide two days ago in the person of the President of Ghana who did a fantastic job, and has taken over, I think he must have seen, undoubtedly, or been informed of what I launched with “Back to Kama” with the return to Kama since he picked up the relay as he is now giving passports and visas right away, to all the descendants of slaves who live in America or in any other country to come to Ghana.

I hope that all African countries will do the same.

Ghana granted citizenship to more than 100 African-Americans and Afro-Caribbean people as part of the Year of Return

It is necessary that the descendants of slaves can find their roots, their origins their ancestral lands.

Samuel L. Jackson, famous American actor, receives his Gabonese passport

That’s the only thing that will allow their ancestors who are alive on the planet of the Elohim, of the Eternals to find peace, on seeing them return to the land from where their ancestors were kidnapped.

Because there are no other words. And martyred, and killed in a lamentable way and whose damages haven’t been compensated.But I know that there is also and I welcome it, a movement in the United States in the USA I would not say America, because the word “America” bothers me as much as the word “Africa” since these are names given by the colonizers. There is a movement to compensate the descendants of slaves which should be more than normal namely, that they are given sums very large amounts which they can bring back to Kama, because there is no way that America should be allowed to benefit from Kama’s compensations.

Why do I say, “I don’t like the word ‘America’”?

You know that “America” was given to a continent that Europeans claimed to have discovered.

No, they just discovered that they didn’t know there was one!

But they didn’t discover anything at all since the American continent was there before Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci went to America!

So they said, “We have discovered America!”

Like, yes, you have discovered that you didn’t know America was there.

It’s very different, and there have been navigators in the past coming from Kama who knew very well that America was there that which is called America. There is another name there is another name given by the local people who were the victims, just like the people of Kama of slavery, of abuse, of…of genocide, in short, since about 100 million inhabitants from North and South America were persecuted and killed by the Europeans from the heights of their superiority of their superiority complex, they have invaded all around everywhere, since they have, I remind you and it’s important to know.

And that’s why I’m happy that China with whom you are weaving increasingly strong bonds in Kama with China, because, don’t forget that the Europeans colonized the entire planet, meaning India: you know that Gandhi freed himself through nonviolence from English occupiers.

China was occupied by the English and the French.Don’t think that it only happened in Kama.It was general, it befell everywhere.It’s what the Japanese call “The White Catastrophe”.

That’s the expression, because the French had published a book “The Yellow Peril”

The yellow peril was defined at the end of the 19th century as the danger that the peoples of Asia would overtake the whites and rule the world.

Because the French thought, as there are more and more Chinese, and since they are extraordinarily intelligent, that they would be the ones to invade the world.

Because they saw it in their own image, the white Europeans.

And so, we were talking about the yellow peril and the Japanese in particular, there is a book that has been published, which speaks about the white catastrophe.Meaning that, all of a sudden, they colonized the entire planet, martyred forcibly converted…

So, it’s time for this trend to be reversed and it’s time. That’s why Chinais a great hope, China and India.

It’s necessary that the inhabitants and the leaders of Kama and the United Kingdoms of Kama which must happen very quickly turn to China and India and drop all the ties and I mean all, drop all the links, with the former colonizers.

Because one can expect nothing good from those who colonized and enslaved whatever their promises never trust them!

It’s a bit like if all of a sudden the Jews trusted the Nazis.

No, what the Europeans did to anyone not white is even worse than what the Nazis did to the Jews.

That is to say, it’s not 6 million dead Jews, it’s more than 100 million in the Americas we don’t know how many in Asia we don’t know exactly how many in Kama. So this is it!

That said I’m counting on you to… And I salute in particular the king who is among you, and all the dignitaries of the region or village leaders who are among you.

There must be an uprising in Africa to erase all traces of colonization and I mean, all the traces.

I’m sorry, I am speaking to you in French because unfortunately you speak French. I say, “unfortunately”because it is necessary that… what the French delight so much in what they call “La Francophonie” (the French speaking countries).You speak French because you were colonized! We must reject you must vomit the French language and I advise you to learn English, if you are in a country that has been colonized by French people in order to reject even this element of the culture or rather, lack of culture.

And then, if you come from an English speaking country learn French, to reject that.

But the best for everyone would be to learn, and that’s my recommendation and do it, tell your children as well to learn Chinese!

Learn Chinese! They are 1.5 billion people.It’s the future.It’s the future, and they’re already ahead of America scientifically, militarily politically, on all fronts.

Thus, learn Chinese ask your children to learn Chinese.It will be necessary, one day it will be necessary for Kama to join forces with India and China so that the white catastrophe does not, ever again affect all these regions.

A little anecdote that will make you smile: I told you about it already, but it must be said again When the French went to China, with the English with French military, they occupied Beijing, the capital of China.

The French, including this general, obviously with his mouth full of the superiority from their superiority complex,”Versailles, the most beautiful palace in the world,” ”French culture, blah-blah…”They arrived in Beijing and what did they see? They saw a palace called the “Summer Palace of the Emperor of China.”

Plunder of the old Summer Palace by Franco-British troops in 1860 during the second opium war.

And, of course, they walked into it. The summer palace of the Emperor of Chinais 20 times bigger than Versailles. So, they visited it. It’s not only the structure, but there is culture everywhere there are paintings infinitely more beautiful than European paintings sculptures, tapestries works of art, everywhere.

The Frenchman was shocked because he realized how mediocre his culture was compared to Chinese culture.

So, he gave the order to burn everything. The Beijing Summer Palace burned for two months as it was so large.

Because they didn’t want any traces of the cultural superiority of China to remain.

And so, for Kama it’s the same thing it’s exactly the same thing, you need your revolution as the great Mao Tse Tung said which is not political.

The political revolution or… how would I put it? The end of political colonialism.The borders have been arbitrarily drawn up by people. It’s not the inhabitants of Kama who outlined the borders and states.

The partition of Africa designates the process of territorial competition between European powers in Africa, part of the general colonization movement of the end of the 19th century (mainly between 1880 and the First World War). The two main European countries concerned were France and the United Kingdom. Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Spain also participated, but to a lesser extent and often later.

And then, they placed presidents, you know whose first concern is to grab money and to put it in Switzerland, or in accounts in the Caribbean islands.They steal from you, and the use puppets, put in placeto continue robbing you.

A true decolonization, is a cultural one which Mao Tse Tung understood very well.

It is cultural, meaning: return to the language of your ancestors or the adoption of an international language yes, Chinese! which is fantastic, a fantastic language.

Clothing, and I’m very happy to see that no one among you wears a suit and tie, great!It’s abandonment, I’m always sad when I see representatives of the countries of Kama present themselves for speeches at the U.N.wearing a suit and tie!It’s a shame for your ancestors to see that, it’s…So, clothing, might appear as a minor detail, but decolonization is very important.

Religious decolonization, of course, and there, Raelians, you are the pioneers.Just as Uriel rightly said, who I believe is among you, “An African, an inhabitant of Kama who is Christian, is a traitor to the memory of his ancestors.”

Your ancestors cry when they see their descendants go to church or at the mosque, it’s the same.Those are the religions of the people who colonized you. So, we could say, “Yes, but colonization is in the past. ”No! It is still there.

There are French armies in all the French speaking countries of Africa! But, how come it is it accepted? Is there an African army in France?

They talk about protection of the local citizens. Excuse me, but are there many French local citizens being attacked in Africa? To my knowledge, there is almost none.

On the other hand, black people attacked in Paris never stops! Is there an army of soldiers from Ivory Coast or Burkina Faso over there to protect black people? Absolutely not.

Those are occupation armies and as soon as the leaders start to rebel against the existing borders to rebel against the CFA Franc, which is unbelievable!

Pan-Africanist and activist Kémi Seba burns the CFA Franc at Place de l’Obélisque.

I love you and it makes me sad to talk to slaves because you are slaves as long as there is the CFA Franc you are in slavery.

It’s no longer the chains no longer the ships transporting you it’s your money! It’s absolutely unbelievable!

You work, you generate assets and the masters give you a slave currency, the CFA Franc.

So, I dream of being able, one day to see the African currency which may be called the “Kamo” or some other name, it doesn’t really matter, but an African currency that you will mint, it’s called minting the currency that you will create yourself, and the end of all borders, inside Africa free trade, a movement of people and assets between the states of Africa. A … how would I put it, a restructuring of Africa into kingdoms, as they were before the colonization!

There is no reason to retain these boundaries which were drawn by people who aren’t from around here!

How come they are still present?

It’s up to you to draw these boundaries it is up to you to choose your currency, to choose your language.

So, you see, there are many things to do and even though I will soon be 73 years old until my last breath I’ll be on your side and I will be revolutionary.

Long live Kama! Long live the African people!

See you soon.

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