Let’s help African women to regain their clitoris!

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The Korean raelian movement, which spreads the Message of the Elohim, creators of humanity, will launch activities to protest on clitoris excision, the worst terror on African women, and to help them who are sacrificed by clitoris excision.

Korean raelians will host the performance to help African women who were forced to excise their clitoris by irrational tradition in their early age.

The performance is planned at Insa street located in the central part of Seoul city on June 4(or 6), pm 2.Until now, it is heard that there are over 100 million women who were forced the clitoris excision in Africa, and about 200~300 thousand young girls have suffered the clitoris excision a year, and also thousands girls have lost their lives from the aftereffect of the clitoris excision.

Following now have the possiblity to regain sexual pleasure and be whole once again, thanks to medical advances, Rael, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement decided to help as many women as possible to regain their sense of pleasure and founded Clitoraid, a private non-profit organization in Las Vegas, which aim is to sponsor those women who want to have their clitoris rebuilt.

Rael said that “we shouldn’t accept that African women were denied thier pleasures, which were given by the Elohim, creators of them. It is intolerable that thousands young women still suffer from the most primitive and inhumane tradition” , and he requested all raelians of the world to participate on activities of adopt a clitoris.

To rebuild the female clitoris, a local anesthetic is applied so no pain is experienced when the surgeon uncovers the root of the original clitoris left after the excision. This root and tissues will become the new clitoris. The procedure takes 6 weeks for a woman to completely heal, with sexual pleasure and genetic normality being the end result.

The collected funds will be used to build a small hospital, the Pleasure Hospital, where Raelian and non-Raelian doctors will come from everywhere in the World and operate women for free. This action not only will help women to feel pleasure and to feel one again but it will also be fundamental in the cease and desist of clitoral mutilation of the future!

To donate to help African women who have suffered the atrocities of clitoral excision, send money order to Clitoraid in US.(Clitoraid, 9435 W Tropicana Ave #102-141, Las Vegas, NV, 89147, USA) or online at www.clitoraid.org

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