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Wake up Africa – The end of self-colonization


The extraordinary revolution which is taking place in Eastern Europe is softly but surely drawing African populations in its wake, for the governments and media in the so-called “democratic countries the least have been closing their eyes (to say) for too long on the lack of freedom in so-called “united Africa. The single political party, exactly like the former countries of the East, is still governing most African states, thus forbidding any real plurality and opposition.And now we see dictator-leaders, when reproached with this, claiming without laughing that their country is not ready or is too young to experiment multi-partisan, that is democracy!

That is exactly what colonizing nations used to say when they were reigning over “indigenous populations, to whom they denied the right to vote… Now we hear the same words from leaders of tribes or predominating ethnic groups, who found themselves propelled at the head of these new States, driven by their infatuation for independence…

And this does not only affect political freedom but all kinds of freedom, for cancer is nearly always sure to spread if it not treated. Take for instance religious freedom. Some Raelian Africans, namely in Congo and Burkina Faso, get arbitrarily arrested and roughly interrogated, which means that they are denied one of mankind’s most important rights.

I take this opportunity to ask the Raelians from all over the world to write to the President of the Republic in both those States to protest forcefully and insist on the fact that they will encourage a boycott campaign on tourism towards those countries and on purchasing goods from those places for as long as the Raelian Movement is not officially allowed and respected as it should be (I rely on you for that).

But the economical field is where the problem becomes totally revolting. The President of Côte d’Ivoire has just inaugurated an exact copy, though bigger, of St. Peter Basilica in Rome, in the middle of the bush! The cost is sixty billion francs (ten billion dollars US). With air-conditioning, the biggest stained-glass windows in the world, the thickest fitted carpets, marble, gold, and so on… Moreover, the building is standing in the middle of a formal garden “à la française of several acres, enclosed in gold-plated fence…

Village-huts with no water, no electricity, no drainpipes, are scattered all around; deprived families are crowding there, tormented by those parasitic diseases that undermine the African people.

And whenever one dares to criticize the life-time “President for that, he will forcefully protests and says that he paid it all with his own money… Then he adds that if he had bought a “mirage (a French bomber), nobody would have found fault with it… now he is giving himself away! Would he have bought a mirage with his own money?60 billions francs !!!

Either Mr. Houphouët Boigny’s personal fortune was tremendous before he became President (and that would be public knowledge), or the salary of the President of the Republic in Côte d’Ivoire is much higher than that of the President of the United States of America’s plus all the heads of States in the whole world…

Let’s be serious… A piece of information released by an official of the Bank of France will give you an idea of where so much money comes from: the amount of money paid into Bank of France accounts by African leaders amount to about 80% of the subsidies or grants given to the African States in order to help them fight against starvation, poverty or under-development… you got it all!

The person in charge at the Bank of France added that the rest must have likely been deposited into Swiss accounts, or in Luxemburg or elsewhere… Which means in plain language that most of the financial help granted to “developing countries is embezzled for the personal benefit of its leaders… Then they can always try to make up for their guilty conscience by building an air-conditioned Basilica in the middle of the bush… with their “personal money… Some others will say people don’t live by bread alone… (Easy to say with a mouth full).But as far as Africa is concerned… please send the bread first, we’ll see about the rest later!

Oh, I was about to forget! The pope offered to come officially and inaugurate the “Saint Houphouët Boigny Basilica, driven as he is by a beautiful impulse of generosity and help towards the third world… It should also be stated that the Basilica will be cared after by the life-time President and that he has donated the land where the building was erected to the Vatican, thus copying the agreements between the Italian government and the “holy land when it was created. (Is that a donation on his own money? Then the whole of Côte d’Ivoire territory would be the life-time President’s property… I got it all, now!).

Of course, nobody knows exactly how much Mr. Houphouët Boigny paid to the Vatican (of his “own money, of course) in order to “incite the pope to come and inaugurate the building… There are some travelling expenses for sure: private Boeing, pap mobile, and so on.

In fact, the subsidies to the third word are thus directly repaid to the Vatican, which saves the starving Africans the trouble of giving money for collections in churches, thus sparing considerable energy. They don’t even need to raise their hand to put the money into the basket. As they are underfed, the slightest movement becomes an effort and one can only encourage whatever tends to conserving their strength…They may even not go to church anymore…Which is what they have already started to do. This is the biggest problem…

There are more and more demonstrations in the streets of Abidjan, as well as in all the African capitals… Africa is waking up! At last! The ideologies that used to find a fertile soil that huge under-developing continent can no longer delude its people with illusions by keeping them apart from real information.
The Marxist illusion is collapsing everywhere and nobody can promote a dismantled pattern anymore of fight a dead enemy. Everything is giving way. And the African people can at last look their true enemies in the face: that is, their own governments!

They have been colonized without knowing it by their own political authorities!

A single party, a life-time President, limousines and luxurious lives for too many leaders, corruption, with customs-officers, ransoming and racketing travellers over and over again, unpunished, on the roads of their own country… all this becomes obvious to younger generations who were allowed to study. There lay the mistake! Once knowledge has been given, it is difficult to stop those who have acquired it from using it…

In the old times of foreign colonization, the goods and the wealth were sent abroad to make foreign nations richer. Now the goods and the wealth are sent abroad to inflate African leaders “and civil-servants bank-accounts.
…This is called self-colonization.

But all this is over now… They will have to account for it all… and give the money back… what Swiss banks have done to block Marcos’ or Duvallier’s possessions, should be done as well for African leaders.

We must get ready for it now. There could not be fairer justice than to give back the subsidies to the starving people of Africa.

As for the Basilica… it could become a laic University! A marvellous way of using up the leftovers… and offering to the African youth what they need most knowledge.

Imagine that cathedral filled with computers directly connected to European data-banks… this would be real help to the third-world.

Moving the under-developed directly from goat-flocks to mega-octets…

Wake up, Africa take your destiny in your own hands and overthrow the last colonizers, who are more than colonizers, since as well as being your own children, they are also betraying you.

Peace, love and brotherhood.


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