Two raelians scientists engineered non-allergenic genetically modified peanuts.

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Following the successes achieved by the team of scientists directed by Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, author of the first human cloning project by CLONAID, two other Raelian scientists are on the front page of the news this week. They are engineering the first genetically modified peanuts designed to help people who have allergies when they ingest peanuts and their derivatives.On March 8th, during a conference organized by the very prestigious American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Denver, Dr. Hortense Dodo, Raelian priest and molecular biologist, has announced to have made substantial progress toward genetically modified peanuts so that hey no longer trigger allergies. Her assistant, genetic engineer and Raelian, Dr. Koffi Konan, declared that upcoming tests will confirm the success of the operation.

It should be mentionned that RAEL, who supports human reproductive cloning, also supports the consumption of Genetically Modified plants. In order to show his total confidence in the safety of these products, He will soon organize an evening outing at a restaurant where 100% GMOs are served and will be accompanied by top officials in the Raelian Movement. RAEL asked all the Raelian scientists around the world to “fully get involved in the technologies of the future and become pioneers in order to rid society of all the judeo-christian taboos that slow down progress”.

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