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To develop Africa: The City of Sciences, English…


I have a big project, and Brigitte is here with me to see how to put it into concrete form. I would like to create a city of sciences here, the first African City of Sciences which could be called “Scientopolis” where there would be a laboratory for cloning which all the so-called developed countries have condemned for “ethical” reasons…

I really hope that this will be done in an African country. There, genetically modified foods will be produced, genetically modified plants allowing us to feed the whole world. This will multiply agricultural industrial productions by 10, by 100, by 1,000, because it is possible to produce food crops with a yield per hectare 1,000 times higher, thanks to genetic modifications. It is feasible, it is possible, we can produce bananas as big as your thigh, and tasting 10 times better. We can make coconuts as big as pumpkins! There are no pumpkins here. I must find another image. We can make coconut trees where the nuts would be lower than the level of our heads — it would be less dangerous when we take a nap. We can make a lawn that needs not be mowed, if we program the grass to stop growing after a given height. We can do everything, we can become ELOHIM, we can become gods. All is possible.I would like to create this city of sciences in Africa, with a laboratory for genetics, a laboratory for cloning, a laboratory for electronics. My son, who has a school of computer science in Paris, could also help with this project. He could also help you to train the youngsters to be at the same level as the Americans, and make Africa jump, suddenly, from the middle age, directly into the future without having to go through intermediate periods. This would outrage the Western countries, because, in reality, they say loudly, “We must help Africa” and then they whisper… “but not too much. They must progress a little, but they must not become better than us, because they must continue to consume our products, to buy what we have to sell them” – these are the words of hypocrites.

On the contrary, I want you to become a little bit above them. Everyone has his turn at last, and it is normal not to have the same people always ahead of the others.

I would like Africa to develop so much that maybe, one day, it will help the new “third world” which Europe would become — this will be interesting. And, European students would come and study here and you would welcome them with kind regards and no malice. We need this type of reversal. Think about it, it is possible. I am not dreaming. It all depends only on you, on your pride, on your dignity, on your eagerness to know, and on the knowledge you will have shared with your children.

All this is possible. There may even be a greater chance than you imagine. Why? Because Western countries have handicaps that you don’t have the handicap of “ethics” You must abandon “ethics” Be aware, because this issue could spring up here. Their “ethics” come from traditional religions, such as the Catholic religion.

I want us to launch a big planetary campaign of apostasy in countries which have been colonized. Here is the clear message to get to your brothers and sisters of Africa:

“How can you be a Christian, given what the colonizers have done to your ancestors? When you are Christian, you make your great-grandfather who is watching you from the sky cry. Because your great-grandfather and your great-grandmother have suffered under the Christian colonizers. They were converted by force, they are up there, they are watching you and they are thinking: how can they go to the church of those who have massacred us? How can they? Think of your ancestors. The best way of making them happy is to apostatize from the Catholic Church. This church which so tortured your ancestors, forcing them, separating them by force from their family. I apostatize. I bear them no malice, I forgive them, but you see, I have decided to no longer be a member of the Catholic Church.

Sign your act of apostasy and add – “In memory of my ancestors, whom you have converted by force” – then send it to your bishop.

This message must be sent — this is a must! And you can also, after this apostasy, choose to have the privilege of being Raelian, to belong to the Raelian Movement, which is not, which has never been, and which will never be a colonizing religion. It respects all groups, all ethnicities, all differences. It wants each small group, each small ethnicity to shine all its lights. It is in favour of one world language, another aspect of the fight for dignity. For me, you must abandon French, choose English — I may be shocking you. Why, you might wonder? Because English is the planetary language of today.

Besides, especially in countries colonized by France, it is a slap in the face to the colonists of the past to abandon their language and choose English. They are so proud that the French have left some traces here, like the church and the school, which also use the French language. You have languages that are beautiful — I know that there are 50 or 60 in your country. In Africa, there are thousands of languages that must be preserved. Like the traditional cultures of your villages — they must be preserved; your children in villages must learn the traditional African languages you have, and English; throw away French, into the trash can… French will enable you to talk to only very few people; there are 1% of French people on Earth! There are 2% of French speakers! There are 70% of English speakers and people who can speak English more or less. With English, you can go everywhere, I can go everywhere. I go to Russia. I go to China, I go to Japan and, with this language, I communicate with the whole world. With French, you get Belgium, Switzerland…. and the French, it’s only 2% of the world population; besides, this language is difficult to learn.

Teach English to your children, and you will open up their universe. By teaching them French, you open them to only 2% of the world population — the choice is quickly made. Do not forget your local languages, as they are an important tradition, and they contain a part of the ELOHIM’s knowledge, because they come from the ELOHIM. From the beginning, there is a bit of the ELOHIM’s knowledge, an understanding and some culture of the ELOHIM in all the languages of the Earth.

Right now, at the United Nations, there are about 280 countries in the world. Very soon there will be 2,000 or 3,000 — because all the regions will have their independence.

It is also another idea I am defending — the creation of the United States of Africa, because Africa must prepare for the upcoming big international fight, the economic and financial fight.

Today, Europe is united with a new currency called the Euro; Asia is doing the same thing: a zone of free exchange, which unites a large number of Asian countries, is being formed. In America, it is NAFTA, which gathers the economies of all the Americas with the proposition of free exchange and no taxes. There are already no taxes between the USA, Canada and Mexico. All this is happening. In Africa, there is nothing yet. And nobody is pushing you to do it. Why? Because they want you to be economically dependent.

You must create “The United States of Africa” — this is very important. The United States of Africa, with an African currency, which I called “The Afro”. The Euro exists, so why not the Afro? Press your political leaders to launch all this… the creation of an African union is being delayed by the inability of the OAU to move forward, because when it moves two steps ahead it immediately moves three steps back.

Start with your close neighbours, and suggest to your political leaders to start just with neighbouring countries, by establishing a free exchange zone with one country, then with another one, then with another one again; after a while, those countries which did not want to join the free exchange would see the grass being cut under their feet. The OAU would be forced to pedal…

It must go fast. It must be done. Not in 40 years, otherwise you will add to the delay you experience today. This should have been done before Europe, before NAFTA. You must create a free exchange zone, because if all the products, all the raw materials, move freely, free of customs and taxes, among all the African countries, then you will have access to wealth. This continent has everything to be rich if the economic borders are suppressed (this is one of the messages I bring), if it installs a single currency (so that you can circulate everywhere), and if it creates a federalized African government composed of all the small groups, inclusive of all native ethnicities.

Who has drawn the borders? The colonizers took the map and drew lines: this is for you, the British, this is for you, the Belgians, and this is for us, the French. It didn’t exist before. You had your ethnic groups, which were independent. Things must become like they were before like the people of the Corse in France, and the people of Quebec in Canada, who want to be independent. This way, there will be no more genocide like what you have had between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Why this did happen? Genocide originates with people forced by the colonists to live together in the same country. And, as you know better than me, when an ethnic group comes into power, it crushes the others. Each ethnic group must have its total independence in an African Federation where all the ethnic groups would be represented. A thousand, five hundred, all equally represented.

This will be Africa of tomorrow. It is the only possibility you have to repair this injustice of the colonists who came and defined borders for you without any concern of having sometimes separated some groups of people in two. This is stupid, and it creates the tensions you have, leading to the dramas you go through episodically. That is why you have these genocides. They are so awful.

One could think that Africans are violent. No. If you force two rats to live together in a cage, with one in command, the other rat will be unhappy, particularly if the cage is small. Each must have its independence, its space, its autonomy. You must have an African government of the United States of Africa.

The United States of Africa would be economically as powerful (if not more powerful) as the United States of America, because you have all the raw materials, and this should allow you, with a single currency, to become also scientifically equal to the Westerners. This is what I wish for you — this is what I hope to see.

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