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The United-States of the Third World


Brazzaville, January 11 a.H. (2006)


The founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, the last of the Prophets sent by our creators the Elohim, has been traveling the planet for the last 32 years, disturbing the conservatives and opening the minds for the advent of the golden age – the earthly paradise and eternal life – that our humanity will soon be able to live thanks to science!This long awaited Messiah, of whom all the religions announced the coming, the one that certain European media call today “the white Negro” has just proposed to the Africans, during the marvellous Raelian international seminar held from the December 24 to 31, 2005 in Brazzaville, a giant step to eliminate third world conditions in Africa.

After having revealed to the press, for the very first time, on his arrival at the airport of Brazzaville, that ADAM and EVE were Blacks, the Prophet first suggested to Africans the urgent creation of only one country: The United-States of Africa, made up of micro ethnic States independent and equally respected and represented within a confederation of States, with a single currency (the AFRO) and a peacekeeping force.

To provide the foundations of this reunification of Africa, the first stage, according to the Prophet, consists in joining together in a great gathering, a kind of constituent assembly, all the traditional authorities of all Africa (emperors, usual kings, village and land chiefs… who remain the only authentic ones and legitimate servants of the people of Africa, the true women and statesmen that Africa always knew. These authorities, who are in direct and continuous liaison with the African populations, will understand the logic of the urgent construction of this new country that will have to embrace science and new technologies, in particular the GMOs that will guarantee the food supply in Africa.

In addition, the Prophet RAEL encourages this new country to then reorient its trade with the countries of South America and Asia, in particular Brazil, China and India.

The Prophet RAEL then made a vibrant call upon the Africans to create with the countries of South America and Asia, the United-States of the Third World. These United-States will thus form a very great economic and political power allowing them, thanks to their large domestic market and China being their privileged trading partner, to break the cycle of countries in the process of underdevelopment, which is the reality rather than countries in the process of development, in which they are currently maintained by the policies of the Western developed countries.

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