The return to nudity

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The talented artist, musician and dancer Meiway, whose social involvement is well recognized by many, is currently the subject of various criticism from the African press for posing nude voluntarily as part of a promotional publicity campaign for the fight against AIDS.

His Holiness RAEL approves and supports this artist’s initiative and He does not exclude the possibility that if an important media were to ask, He would Himself accept to pose nude.

To rediscover the purity of nudity does not mean to return to a savage state, as some African critics say. On the contrary, it means:- To free oneself from taboos instilled by the religious colonisation of Christian missionaries, and pay tribute to our admirable ancestors who lived in the nude. It is time to apostatize the coloniser’s religion in order to rediscover the values and religions of these ancestors who were the victims of this colonisation.

– To be on the same wavelength as the cultures of the future, such as the Raelian culture, religion of science and cloning, in which the return to nudity is one of the fundamental values.
Those who have been mistaken for “Gods”, the Elohim – our beloved creators

– live in the nude and myself, their Prophet RAEL, I also do when the temperature allows it. To feel obligated to hide our body is a ludicrous notion taught by the Christian Church which says that the body, especially sex, is “dirty” or “bad”.

To not love our body is an insult to our creators, the Elohim, who have created us in their image, including our sexual organs. Our creators have sexual organs too and they also use them to have pleasure when they make love.

The most conservative Pope has forgotten that he, himself, was born of the result of a sexual act… On the contrary, we should worship our body which is like a temple where consciousness that connects us to infinity manifests itself. The prudishness of Catholics is actually an insult to their creators.Those who oppose nudity have forgotten that they were born naked. No one was born with clothes on. The return to nudity, in parallel to a highly advanced science education is part of the teachings that I RAEL, last of the Prophets, gives during the seminars of the Raelian Movement. The only useful attribute of clothes are to protect us from the cold when necessary, or to dress up with attractive forms and colors in a time of celebration.

In this extraordinary synthesis of traditions and techniques, the Occident brings science to Humanity while Africa can bring a return to original purity rightly brought about by nudity.

The Man of the future is undressed and scientific!

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