The Raelian Movement supports Mr. Simon Ole Kaparoin

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The Raelian Movement which counts thousands of Africans in its membership supports Mr. Simon Ole Kaparo in his fight to regain from Britain millions of acres of land that belongs to his ancestors and the Maasai people of Kenya.The British colonial power, in 1904 drove away the Maasai people from their rich ancestral lands and confined them to poor soil reserves claiming a 100 years treaty which expired on August15, 2004. In an attempt to derail the process and not return the land back to the Maasai, a new treaty that was supposedly signed for a 999 years lease of the land surfaced. The British colonial government and the descendents of the White settlers have made huge financial profits on the 2 millions acres of the best lands of the laikipia plateau, from farming, setting up ranches, lodges and luxurious safari; while the vast majority of the Maasai people were confined to reserves and a life of poverty.

The African continent has been raped and abused for too many centuries by Europeans and the enormous fortunes amassed by them over the years should be returned back to the Africans for reparation. Unfortunately, most neo-colonial African governments, in their quest to validate themselves in the eyes of the previous colonial powers, will side with the Whites, mimic them and continue to abuse and aggress their own citizens instead of working toward empowering them and improving the quality of their live as they were elected to do.

Rael, the leader of the Raelian Movement ( ) has encouraged Africans to free themselves of their slave mentality and inferiority complex and to return to their culture and traditions while embracing the latest scientific and technological advances for a real development of the African continent and its people.

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