The Raelian Movement protests strongly against injustice done to homosexuals and Radio Simba in Uganda

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Ouganda, 13th octobre 2004 – The Raelian Movement ( which counts more than 5.000 members in Africa, strongly protests against the Ugandan authorities (the Minister of Information and the Chairman of Ugandan Broadcasting Council) for their comments and position taken against the homosexuals and the Radio Simba, saying that it was a criminal offense for the radio broadcast show to tell listeners that homosexuality was an acceptable way of life (ref. Report of the BBC News, Sunday october 3, 2004).While many countries of the world have legaly recognized the homosexuals and their rights, while Spain has just given the right to homosexuals for parenthood, while some officials celebrate mariages of homosexuals, while South Africa (a country of good social integration example) has just had its Gays and Lesbians parade, it is so unforunate that some officials in Uganda take such an unacceptable position which goes totally against the Chart of Human Rights and Freedom to which Uganda has subscribed. Since it is now scientifically known that homosexuality has a genetic basis as does have race, to reject a homosexual for his sexuality is like to reject a cat for being a cat or a Black for being a Black.

His Holiness RAEL, founder and spiritual le! ader of the Raelian Movement recall that homophobia was first introduced by the religions, particularly the catholic religion wh! ich, in its quest to dominate the african society, has backed the colonisation and brought Africans to total confusion, bringing them to reject their great culture and traditional values (see the Speech of His Holiness RAEL for a New Africa, ).

One should not forget that it was a criminal offense to the society at the time of Galileo and Copernicus to pretend that the earth was not the center of the universe, but was spinning around the sun. And Galileo was killed by the catholic church for being clever.

The Raelian Movement reveals that all life on earth was created a long time ago, scientifically in laboratories by human beings who came from a distant planet. These beings, called the Elohim in the bible, meaning those who came from the sky in ancient hebrew created us in all diversity and they love us all equally regardless of cread, race, color, gender or sexual orientation.

The Raelian Movement again protests strongly against the injustice done to homosexuals and Radio Simba in Uganda, and calls the officials concerned to use their position of officials to apologize for this violation of human rights and freedom. The Raelian Movement calls for all the gays and lesbians organisations to protest vigourously against this injustice of another age being done in Uganda.

Thurthermore, the Raelians invite all the Gays and Lesbians to debaptize from the catholic religion or any other religion which does not recognize or respect them.

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