The Prophet RAEL denounces the Pope’s criminal statements and encourages African people to massively apostatize from the Catholic Church

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Las Vegas March 24, 2009 – In a statement released Tuesday, in opposition to the pope Benoit XVI who, on his way to Cameroon rejected condom use in Africa saying it increases the problem of HIV/Aids ( ), Prophet Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement asked all Africans to always use the condom to protect themselves from HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.

RAEL declared “Pope Benedict XVI should be prosecuted for crime against humanity for the millions of Africans who died and who will die from Aids because they listened to his stupid recommendations.”Rael also explains that those who wish to escape the guilt the pope tries to create in them, have only one solution: they should apostatize from the Catholic Church, especially knowing that the Catholic Church has been an accomplice of colonization and slavery and is still trying to maintain a spiritual colonization. “All African people should revert to their original beautiful African religions and traditions.”

“By recommending abstinence and saying that condom distribution increases the problem of HIV/Aids while scientists and experts have proven the contrary, the pope Benedict XVI has one more time confirmed the hidden goal of the Vatican and its church: let more and more Africans die through the spread of the deadly disease” declared Jean Nwanack responsible of the Raelian Movement in Cameroon.

“Watch out dear brothers and sisters of Africa , the pope is coming to spread more HIV/Aids on the continent! How can you still remain in such a church? Apostatize!” added Nwanack who plans to hold a conference in order to help those who want to apostatize from the Catholic Church.

The Raelian Movement is ready to provide a simple application to apostatize from the Catholic Church to all Africans who just have to go to the website:

To counter the criminal stances of the pope, the African Raelian Movement is launching this weekend a sustained action of free distribution of condoms at high schools, universities and public places through the continent. Furthermore, the Raelian Movement has scheduled press conferences to denounce the criminal declarations of the pope, and to launch apostasy campaigns.

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