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The prediction of a mega tsunami is completely eccentric, confirms RAEL, the only true Messenger of the extraterrestrials.


Following the announcement made by an eccentric “ufologist” that a giant tsunami was going to hit the Atlantic coasts following the impact by the debris coming from a comet, RAEL, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, confirms that the predictions of a giant tsunami is absolutely false. He recalls that he is the only Messenger of the only extraterrestrials that visits the Earth, Elohim, and that all the others who claim to receive messages, are deranged and false prophets.The Elohim are the beings that came from another planet, they created us in their image and created all forms of life on Earth, using genetic engineering

technologies, which we now discover on Earth. These beings who were mistaken as gods in the past, they are called Elohim in Hebrew, (the singular being Eloha), Allah for the Muslims, Aloha for the Hawaians, etc. Lets recall that before the Koran was written, Allah was called El-laha by the Muslims, very close to Eloha in Hebrew

we called “God” in all religions and who had sent all the prophets. RAEL, their last messenger, announced in all religions, is here to prepare their return on Earth in the

company of the great prophets like Mahomet, Jesus or Moses. An absolute non-violence and a confidence in science to reach a harmonious standard of living for any individual on Earth are the principal values of the Elohim’s new Messages that one can find

in 28 languages on the Website: www.rael.org or contact: ..………

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