The only way for Black Christians

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The only way for Black Christians to exercise spiritual decolonization: APOSTATIZE!

“I thank my brother and friend ‘Uriel’ Nawej, for his book that I have read in its entirety. I highly recommend it to anyone who is thirsty for knowledge, especially for its view on Christianity as an essential instrument of the initial “colonization”? and the present “neo-colonization”? The book also exposes another truth which is much less well known: the Semitic origins of some African peoples. These two subjects only – chosen among many other essential subjects — should satisfy many readers…..and I say emphatically that I’ve learned a lot from this book.”?
AMPION Willy Christian, Prince Heir of the throne of Téké in the Kingdom of Kongo.KAYEMB URIEL NAWEJ – THE NLONGI

I am Kayemb ‘‘Uriël’’ Nawej, born in Kolwezi, in 1964, in the middle of the Shaba-Katanga. I am a member of the great Lunda Nation; I am a descendent of Yaav Nawej, founder and first emperor of the Lunda Empire. The original name of our Nation or Empire is not ‘‘Lunda’’ ; the Catholic Christian colonizers removed our original name claiming that it did not lend itself to a correct French pronunciation, therefore they imposed us the name ‘Lunda’, when originally our name was ‘Ruund’….

To learn about the great revelations in the book of KAYEMB Uriël Nawej, said THE NLONGI, we invite you to visit the official web site :

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