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The only response to the crimes committed by the catholic church is apostasy


The Raelian Movement is starting a campaign to encourage the Aboriginal peoples to renounce the Catholic religion that has just publicly recognized its crimes for having forcibly separated children from their families in order for them to lose their roots and culture.

Rael, founder of the Raelian Movement, states: “The only response worthy of the ancestors of Aboriginal peoples is for them to publicly renounce the Catholic or Christian religions, the religions of the colonizers, and to rediscover their traditional religions.With the help of colonizers, in a real religious and cultural genocide, these churches tried to make them forget their beliefs. I call upon all Aborigines to publicly apostatize and I ask all the Raelians of Australia to start a massive campaign to encourage these populations to apostatize in the memory of their ancestors, who were massacred on all fronts.

This applies to all the victims of colonialism, not only Aborigines but also the Maoris and all the peoples of Polynesia, especially Hawaii, but also Africa and North and South America. I call upon all those populations to apostatize from the Catholic religion and to rediscover their roots and original religions, those of their ancestors, from which they were forcibly converted. To continue to be Christian when one belongs to these peoples is to be a traitor to their people and insult the memory of their ancestors.

“The Pope’s official apology is not enough. Just as the Jewish victims of the Nazis continue to receive financial compensation for damages from the German government, the Aboriginal victims and others can demand substantial financial compensation. The wealthy Vatican can afford this as its fortune came, largely, from the plunder of mistreated populations, like the gold of the Incas.”

The Raelian Movement will help Aborigines and other victims to institute legal proceedings to obtain financial compensation from the Vatican. Compensation is guaranteed since the recognition of guilt is contained within the apology.

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