The intervention of France in the events in progress in Ivory Coast since November 6, 2004 is criminal.

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His Holiness RAEL, leader and founder of the IRM, express his total support, his congratulations, his encouragements and his compassion to the President of the Ivory Coast Republic as to all the population of the Ivory Coast in their fight against the unacceptable intervention of the French army since Saturday
November 6, 2004.

This criminal military intervention of France, reflects its neo-colonial attitude and confirms what His Holiness RAEL denounced on January 28, 2003 in the message that he had addressed to the population of the Ivory Coast, following the events of September 19, 2002: “The dramatic events in Ivory Coast prove that France kept its colonizing spirit and constantly uses in Africa the false pretext of “protecting its nationals “to intervene militarily. The African States, in their decolonization that remains to be completed, must thus make sure that France does not have any excuse any more to send its troops “.
Thus, the people of the Ivory Coast must realize that the old colonial power intends to continue imposing its law on the African people. It is time for the African populations to get rid definitively of the remainders of colonization, to cut the umbilical cord and to stand up proudly facing the foreign powers, in particular French as the population of the Ivory Coast is currently doing

As Mao Tse Tung said, a revolution must initially be cultural. It is necessary for the African governments in general and for Ivory Coast in particular, to officially decide to change the official language. There is no reason that the language of the colonizers, who continue to impose their law, remains the official language. The Government of the Ivory Coast must withdraw French from its official list of languages and replace it by the world language: English. If French is spoken by approximately 120 million people in the world, English is spoken by nearly 2 billion human beings, among which are the inhabitants of the most powerful countries… That does not prevent from keeping also as official languages the languages of the most important Ethnic groups of the Ivory Coast. But French must disappear. It will certainly still be spoken during a transition period, but if the schools impose English, it will rather quickly replace the language of the pro-slavery ex-colonizers.

Moreover, for an economic recovery, it is necessary that the Ivory Coast Government nationalizes without compensation, all the goods belonging to French groups or individuals. Not only should Ivory Coast not compensate France, but it is France that has an enormous debt, because the value of the resources and raw materials plundered during colonization, largely exceeds the value of the sizable goods currently. The Ivory Coast Government must at the same time unilaterally decide to never refund the debts that it could have towards France. This for the same reasons. If one added the value of all the goods plundered through History in Ivory Coast, one would realize that it is France that owns enormous sums to the people of the Ivory Coast.

The African emigrants were long enough victims of the exploitation in France and were too often told: “France to the French”… it is time that they answer: “Africa to the Africans”!

What would the French say if the Ivory Coast government sent soldiers in Corsica to interpose themselves between the French freedom fighters and the French forces, and if the Ivory Coast soldiers destroyed the hardware of the French Army? Or, if the Ivory Coast Forces would land in Paris, under the pretext of protecting the Ivory Coast community from possible reprisals after the death of nine of their soldiers?

The single fact that the interventions are always one way, French forces in Africa, but never of African forces in France, proves the colonial paternalism of the former invader that pretends to protect its nationals, but in fact wants to prolong and reinforce its domination.

President Robert Mugabe, as a courageous leader, already showed the way. The African States need to unite in a federation called the United States of Africa, with a single currency that could be called the Afro. The United States of Africa will be able to keep the old colonial powers in place when they dare interfere into the African businesses, these old colonial powers that keep a paternalist attitude and imprinted with an insulting complex of superiority.

It is necessary for the democratically elected President Gbagbo, to become the Mugabe of the Ivory Coast. The people of the Ivory Coast seem ready to follow him on this path after the criminal French intervention.

Consequently, the Raelian Movement of Ivory Coast, in the name of His Holiness RAEL, requires in the current context, the immediate and final departure of the French troops from the Ivory Coast territory.

Live free Ivory Coast !

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