Free Download: Speeches Of Prophet Rael For A New Africa.

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In this fabulous collection, Raël, founder of the Raelien Movement, reveals to us the solutions to get Kama (Africa) out of the crisis situation in which it has been engulfed for centuries of colonization.

There is only one solution, the return to pre-colonial borders, to pre-colonial traditions, and to all that there was before, including the way of dressing.

A cultural revolution is necessary if Kama wants to become independent, if Africa really wants to become independent; because right now it’s still not independent.

On the religious level, Africans must understand that if their ancestors were colonized, tortured and massacred, in order to force them to accept colonization, they were also tortured, massacred and ill-treated so that they changed their religion.

Religious decolonization is essential. Apostatise, cancel your baptism! Send out massive letters to churches saying, “I renounce my baptism and return to the religion of my ancestors so that they would be proud of me.”

In this collection Rael treats there various subjects to become aware not only of the problems which underwent Kama (Africa) but especially of the solutions which the Kamite population must follow to become completely independent.

Click on the following link to download this collection for free: Speeches Of Prophet Rael For A New Africa

Speeches Of The Prophet Rael For A New Africa

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