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Support to the African Presidents


The official support of the Prophet RAEL was also sent to the President of Ivory Coast,
President Gbagbo, who is facing a colonial power that, under the cover of the United
Nations, is trying to keep its hold on Ivory Coast.

He also sent his congratulations to President Sassou N’Guesso from Congo Brazzaville
who has been elected as head of the African Union…. as announced by the Prophet RAEL in Brazzaville last December and as he has predicted to him in 2001 during their private meeting…. a promised destiny is on its way.It is now time, the Prophet RAEL reminds us, to go to the next step: the organization of an assembly of representatives of the ethnical groups of the United States of Africa, the Afro money, and the creation of a research center on genetically modified plants, adapted to the needs of the African populations, in order to eradicate fully famine in Africa. All this could be built in Congo and so would be the capital of the USAF ( United States of Africa) and its parliament. This should include as well, a center to re-establish the African culture and traditions that have been destroyed by the religion of the colonizers as the new Bolivian President just did with the Inca traditions.”

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