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Huntsville June 7, 2005

I am writing this letter on behalf of the prophet Rael, the founder of the International Raelian Movement ( to convey to you his support and congratulation for your position to “fast tract the use of Genetically Modified Food or GMO in Europe.

Indeed, Rael is a strong supporter of Genetically Modified Foods, for they are a solution to food security. In his book “Yes to human cloning (free ebook at, Rael devoted a chapter to GMO entitled “ Genetically Modified Foods: The solution to World Hunger where he stresses that GMO will not only bring food in abundance but also enhance quality traits such as flavor, sweetness and especially reduce pollution.In spite of current resistance by fear mongers and other groups, cloning and GM Food will prevail and help advance humanity. Your positive role in outlining a future for Europe and help the world change in a way that is relevant to the future of humanity will not go unnoticed.

Would you have a reply for Rael, please forward it to me @ hortense© or his press agent Vida Ali vidaali©

Wishing you happiness and success,

Dr. Hortense Dodo
Food Biotechnologist/Molecular Biologist
Bishop of the Raelian Movement

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