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Dear Dr Negroponte:

I am writing this letter on behalf of his Holiness Rael, the founder of the Raelian movement ( to convey to you his support for your creative and progressive development of a low cost laptop PC as an educational tool for children in developing countries with enormous potential to uplift humanity where it is most needed.

Rael hopes to one day have the honor to meet with you personally and he also wishes that a similar computer be made for African children using local materials which could result in an even cheaper laptop which can be called “Afro PC.The prospect of one laptop per child especially in Africa is wonderful news that is in line with the specific goals outlined by his Holiness Rael for the development of the African Continent. In fact, in his historic speech made on the importance of science for the true progress of Africa (December 14th, 2001 in Congo Brazzaville), Rael said “What I wish is that all young Africans have internet at home, this way there will be no more need of school or university. You can have it at home, and put all the old school concepts into question. All the children can have computers at very low prices…..Internet is a priority and this is another message I am bringing to your President: educate the youth via internet. Because, thanks to internet, you can immediately have access to all the knowledge of the planet with computers which are not necessarily new, one needs not buy Pentiums 500…

His Holiness Rael has repeatedly said that all African governments should to invest in this type of venture instead of using their budgets to buy weapons

Your contribution to the betterment of humanity where it is the most needed will not go unnoticed and will soon receive the appreciation it really deserves.

Would you have a reply for His Holiness Rael, please forward it to me @ hortense© or his press agent Sylvie Chabot pr© or 1-450-532-5907.

Wishing you happiness and success,

Dr. Hortense Dodo
Huntsville AL

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