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Stem cells – An act of love


It is time for humanity to become truly humane
Las Vegas, March 15th, 2005 – In response to the very interesting case in which U.S. tycoon Robert Herring has offered $1 million to Mr. Schiavo to release control of his vegetative wife’s life, RAEL and the International Raelian Movement congratulate Mr. Herring for his humane and very accurate vision that technology will very soon be able to cure this woman.“This is a very interesting case, and it presents frustrating questions to the conservatives who have painted themselves into a corner with contradictory rhetoric such as “life is sacred” or “it’s God’s will” Like many Christians, they feel that they know what is best for a person, even moreso than the person themselves. They would have this woman live in her pitiful condition – even though it apparently goes against her wishes. They would save the life of a fetus, which would live a life of suffering, yet they usually support capital punishment! They would have all retarded, deformed, incapacitated people, who were, by the way, born this way through “natural, God-condoned reproduction” live a life which is to be pitied, yet the same people are fighting against stem cell technology and human cloning – the very things which could cure ALL defects. They would shoot a suffering horse but make it illegal for a human being, suffering beyond their wildest nightmares, to eliminate their own suffering!

Like the Pope, their parents “fought in the name of God” against science – science like surgeries, blood transfusions, vaccines etc., but we should notice that they take their sick children to the hospital instead of the church to be healed.

So, let’s try to assume that the “Christian right” is correct – that a “god” is responsible for everything and this god has a “plan” So that would mean that god gave Mrs. Schiavo the eating disorder which put her in this position, that god caused the tidal wave which killed 150,000, that god sends hurricanes, earthquakes, diseases which have killed countless millions. This seems a logical deduction since people are always thanking god for letting the “disaster du jour” pass them by! Let’s not forget that, in this scenario, this god allowed the hijackers to kill 3,000 innocent Americans. Similarly, god surely causes the majority of pregnancies to miscarry in the first 3 months. If it were god’s plan that a woman gets pregnant, why would god allow the miscarriage and kill this baby? Did god overlook something that day? Not possible! We’re speaking about God here! If everything is a part of god’s plan then it is even MORE logical to argue that man’s ability to create life is within the same god’s plan, since this god gave man the ability to do so!

Or, does it make even more sense to deduce that there is no god, that tidal waves and earthquakes happen solely due to the physical nature of the universe, as do problems arising from “natural reproduction” – and that it is man’s responsibility to better the quality of life on this planet instead of waiting for a god to do it?

It is time to stop believing in such fairy tales and start acting as responsible adults instead of blaming devils for bad things or giving credit to a god for good things. Even the Pope was praying for rain while condemning Indian tribes for doing the same thing! And…have you ever heard of an athlete blaming god for his dropping the ball or losing a match?

J – Ricky Roehr of the U.S. Raelian Movement.

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