Request for forgiveness by the Catholic Church

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The request for forgiveness made by the Catholic Church in regard to the support it gave to slavery in the past, though positive, is not enough.

During their tri-annual assembly, held this year in Senegal, the catholic African bishops have kindly resquested foregiveness for the responsibility of the Catholic Church and of the African people in the Black slavery. This request was precisely made at Goree Island, the Black slavery symbol, during the mass celebration of Sunday October 5, 2003.

Following the announcement of this request for forgiveness, His Holiness RAEL, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, declares:The request for forgiveness made by the Catholic Church in regard to the support it gave to slavery in the past, though positive, is not enough. The Vatican is extremely rich and has raised part of its immeasurable wealth thanks to slavery. They should, in order to prove their sincerity, pay consistent financial reparations to the descendants of slaves, who most likely remain, though in modern countries, in a state of great poverty. The Vatican, in taking away from these nations their most vital forces, has negatively impacted their development for centuries.

If the Vatican were sincere, it should evaluate with a committee of experts the enormous sums by which it was enriched from this crime and pay the whole amount plus interest for the past centuries to the victims mentioned above. Germany does it for the Jewish families of those who were exterminated, as well as for Israel. Most likely we are talking about billions of dollars. Much more than the so-called “third world debt.” It is the rich world which has a colossal debt to Africa, among others.

If the Vatican were to distribute the majority of its enormous and shamefully accumulated wealth to African countries which are so deprived, and to the descents of the slaves disenfranchised in the modern countries, that would indeed be proof of its sincerity. Even if such an action should ruin the Church, it would make it faithful to its “official” tradition of poverty , and would help countries and people who never wanted to be poor to reach a more acceptable social and economic status.

As long as the payment is not made it is necessary to encourage all African Christians to apostacize from the religion which was accomplice to their enslavement. Being Catholic for an African is to betray one’s ancestors and is a great lack of respect for them.

There are Africans on the planet of the Eternals who were submitted to slavery and who look with horror at their descendants accepting to be baptized and Catholic. They feel betrayed and offended, and deny their descendants as betrayers of their memory and their past sufferings.

Forgiveness is possible only if there is a reparation as painful as the crime was to the victims; even if it is non-violent, and merely financial.

Meanwhile, all Eternals who were slaves in ancient times ask their descendants to be debaptized immediately, to leave this Church which tortured them, uprooted them, and converted them by the sword, and ask them to return to their traditional African religions which were, just so, the cults of their ancestors.

Imagine yourself being recreated after your death in this paradise that is the planet of the Eternals and seeing your descendants on Earth continue to belong to the religion which enchained them and treated them like cattle. What would you think?

People of Africa, reclaim your dignity and the respect for your ancestors who are looking at you from the sky and apostacize. Be debaptized from this Catholic Church which finally recognizes its crimes, and get back to the religions of your ancestors which are the foundations of your dignity.

Thanks to your hard labor and suffering you have obtained political decolonization; but you have yet to achieve spiritual decolonization. This decolonization is much easier because there is no army to stop you. It is even more important to look upon the white colonialist and explorer as an equal, with no submission to his superior white god, but proudly showing your traditional religions in which your illustrious black ancestors are the models which are much healthier than the white Judeo-Christian gods.

The deChristianization of Africa must be a priority for all African persons who want to recover their dignity and help their black brothers and sisters to recover it as well, so that they eventually look at the rest of the world with pride and eventually can be themselves proud of being black.

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