Raelian Movement supports growing trend of ”Indian Resistance”

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Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) has just named Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, “Honorary Priest in the Raelian Movement following his re-christening of the traditional Columbus Day to “Indian Resistance Day, thus supporting those people who resisted the colonization by Europe.* “It’s great to see this trend growing in more countries. For many years now, the Raelian Movement has been spearheading a global campaign to return stolen lands, monies, gold and art treasures to the indigenous populations from whom they were stolen. Even more important is for the descendants of these populations to reject the religions forced upon their ancestors. It is impossible to put a price on the lost lives and cultures of these peoples, but the very least that we should expect is for the nations (and especially the Vatican) to give back all the $ trillions they have stolen.The fact that there are 1.2 billion Christians in the world is not because they all chose to be so! These numbers are due to centuries of imperialism. Who can still believe that Jesus’ teachings have not been betrayed after Christianity forcefully “converted so many millions by fire and sword and continues to condone such violence? Who can believe the Pope’s occasional apology while the Vatican keeps every dime it ever stole? It is the same wherever Christianity flourishes, but Australia, North and South America and Africa are among the worst cases. There are easily more than 700 million people in the Americas alone that Christianity claims as followers simply due to the forceful conversion of their ancestors.

Especially in this age of “terrorism (and there is no terrorism comparable to the genocides contrived by religions believing in a god), it seems impossible for today’s Christians to truly digest the fact that their “peaceful religion killed countless millions in the name of spreading this “peaceful religion and that they (themselves) would not even be Christian if not for the murdering colonizers! Through ethnocentricity,

Christians think the Muslim religion is violent while the Muslims see Christianity and Judaism as being most violent. And all parties are correct. Belief in a god has caused more bloodshed than anything else on earth. Think about it – there is no such thing as an atheist terrorist or atheists defining other cultures as evil.

To accomplish a true decolonisation, the descendants of those who were killed, enslaved and converted to christianity through torture and abuse must, by respect for their ancestors, debaptise themselves, apostatise officially from the catholic and christian churches. They should return to their traditional values, the spirituality and religions of their ancestors, which were much more beautiful and environmentally responsible than christianity, whose civilisation is slowly destroying the world after committing so many genocides, rampages and slavery. Every descendant of these many victims should remember that their ancestors are watching them as they betray their memory, by embracing the religion of those who killed and tortured them. Their dead ancestors cannot rest in peace. They curse their descendants until their descendants debaptise themselves and return back to their traditional religions.

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