Raelian Bishops propose a multi-denominational religious education in schools.

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Teaching all religions to children is what the raelian philosophy recommends. The Raelian bishops of Quebec are happy to give their support to the “Committee on Religious Affairs” (CAR), which pleads in the same direction for education courses on the various religions by proposing the creation of a new course on ethics and religious culture. The Raelian bishops support this step by the “CAR fully and recall that the mission of schools is to promote cultural and religious diversities, as stipulated in the “Declaration of Human Rights: “Education must aim to the full blooming of the human personality and the reinforcement of the respect of human rights and of fundamental freedoms. It must support comprehension, tolerance and friendship between all the nations and all the racial or religious groups, as well as the development of the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace. (Art 26-2)”.The Messages transmitted to Rael by our creators the Elohim who are at the origin of all these religions, specify:

“You will not impose any religion to your child, but you will teach to him without prejudice the various beliefs that exist throughout the world, at least the most important in the chronological order: the Jewish religion, the Christian religion and the Islamic religion. If you can, you will try to learn the broad outline from the Eastern religions in order to be able to explain them to your child. Lastly, you will explain to him the broad outline of the message given by the Elohim to the last of the prophets.”

The Raelian bishops thus propose a multi-denominational education, rather than secularity; the teaching of all denominations, including that of religious minorities such as Scientology, the Adventist and Raelian.

There is confusion between religious education, which is good, and the morbid abuses of religious fanatic systems. It is not necessary to recall that almost the totality of wars were made in the “name of God” and that we do not speak here only about the crusades of the Middle Ages, but of a quite current reality, when one thinks of the “God bless America” of president Bush to justify the invasion of Iraq and the destruction in Afghanistan, or to the Muslim terrorists who explode themselves in public places in the name of Allah and to the declarations of Jews justifying violence towards Palestinians. This violence is the result of the teaching of a single and dominant religious thought. A multi-denominational religious education leads to mutual respect and allows us to avoid the abuses of the religious fanatic systems.

Since the adoption of law 118, in 2000, schools in Quebec are officially secular. However, Catholic and Protestant religious teachings are still given to the primary education and the first cycle of high schools, the government of Quebec having used the derogatory clauses of the “Charter of Rights and Freedom”.
These clauses will end on next July 1st.

Of course, last October, the assembly of Catholic bishops of Quebec decided for the preservation of a “catholic religious teaching faithful to its roots”. Nobody is surprised that this religion, which imposed her power in all the social spheres of Quebec asserts its right to religious monopoly. And what to say about this news where we learn that the Government of Jean Charest wanted to finance at 100 % the private Jewish schools in Montreal?

Only a multi-denominational education, stated in agreement with the Messages, i.e. without prejudice, can guarantee the respect of diversities and religious freedom.

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