Home Politics Rael wants to sue the pope for crimes against humanity.

Rael wants to sue the pope for crimes against humanity.


Following the recent apologies made by the pope for crimes committed against the Australian Aboriginals, which include the forceful abduction of thousands of children placed in Catholic institutions and victims of pedophile acts by priests, Rael – founder of the International Raelian Movement – has decided to help the Australian Aboriginals to sue the pope for crimes against humanity before Belgian tribunals where laws allow one to sue any citizen from any country. Indeed, complaints against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat, Palestinian leader,have recently been filed.”The pope’s apologies constitute a recognition of guilt that a tribunal cannot ignore. The apologies are not enough. The Aboriginal People who have been subjected to such abominable treatments must be financially compensated.The Vatican, and its colossal fortune, must compensate the victims accordingly who, for the most part, live in complete poverty and are traumatized for life due to this absolute cultural genocide.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the Vatican’s fortune has itself been largely accumulated by robbing the victims of this genocide such as the Incas,the protestants whose wealth have been ceased during the Inquisition, as well as the wealth of the Muslims and Jews during the crusades, etc…Therefore, justice would be served at the very least if part of this fortune was redistributed to the victims of these crimes. The Raelian Movement will cover all the legal expenses arising from the lawsuits as well as the travel expenses for the Australian Aboriginals to go to Belgium to file their complaint. This action will not stop there since I intend to do the same for the autochtonous (indigenous) People of Quebec and elsewhere.”

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