RAEL supports President Chavez’s request for apologies for the genocides perpetuated in Africa…

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RAEL supports President Chavez’s request for apologies for the genocides perpetuated in Africa and Latin America!

RAEL, spiritual Guide and leader of the International Raelian Movement, applauds President Hugo Chavez and congratulates him for his courage and the accuracy of his remarks concerning the genocides perpetuated against the people of Africa and Latin America, during his official visit in Africa and Latin America at the beginning of this month.

“I have a lot of respect for the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and I totally support his request for apologies from the colonizers, who created so much damage to the African and Indian civilizations, and attempted to wipe them off the face of America, which is Latin only by name”, announces RAEL.”But apologies are not enough and in order to begin the process of making amends, the international courts need to ensure that the colonising countries provide a sizeable financial compensation to the colonized countries, for forcing them into slavery, for massacring millions of their people, plundering their riches and destroying their religious temples which they built in homage to their gods”, continues RAEL.

“President Chavez is right once again, when he affirms that we are brothers; not only because the people of Africa and Latin America experienced similar genocides, but because we all have a common origin, whatever our race, our religion or our ethnic group. I invite people to read their sacred writings again, because they will discover that we are the fruit of an extraordinary scientific creation of extraterrestrial origin”, adds RAEL. Lets recall that the Raelian Movement affirms that all life on Earth was created by the Elohim, traces of whose presence, can be found in all the old religious books around the world, including the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and the Popol Vuh. The word Elohim is a plural and in ancient Hebrew means ‘Those who came from the sky’ and not god, as the Catholic Church and its representatives have tried to make us believe for centuries.

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