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Raël supports Howard Dodson in his comments and recommends a true spiritual decolonization.


In light of the fourth international African Diaspora Heritage Trail conference and the commemoration of Emancipation Day, Raël, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, supports the position of Howard Dodson, the leading black culture researcher, when he said, “You decide you want to create a museum or a monument but you don’t invest enough in it to make it comparable in size or expression of power to what’s already there, and you are placing a monument that confirms you are inferior.” That Monument or Museum should be fully paid for or donated by the descendants of the colonizers who got rich through black slavery. May the truth be known to all. Raël fully supports Mr. Dodson’s statement and adds that all Caribbean people need to return to their original beliefs to complete their emancipation from slavery by apostatizing from the religion of their colonizers!”Bermudan and Caribbean people shall never forget why they are on the American Continent! Their ancestors have been chained, beaten, put in cages, ripped apart, forced into labour, then stolen from Africa and later enslaved” commented Ricky Roehr, leader of the North American Raelian Movement. “Helped by Christian powers in what they called the civilizing mission, they have been forced, just like the native peoples of this continent, to change their beliefs, rituals and values to embrace the colonizers’ religion, Christianity! The method was simple: a missionary, accompanied by some soldiers, arrived at the village, pronounced some Latin phrases – incomprehensible to the villagers – and those who refused to convert to Christianity were dealt with by the soldiers. It was no longer the message of Christ who spoke, but the rifles. As for the others, they were brought into the new world, and the world knows what awaited them,” Rael said.

Rael stated that the independence of the Caribbean people is still incomplete. The Caribbean people should go through a spiritual decolonization, by de-baptizing, which will lead them to find their own roots and religions, thereby freeing themselves from the religion imposed by their colonizers.

“The colonial slave system not only destabilized the black people but disconnected them from their roots and ancestral religions that linked them with their creators, the Elohim. When they acquire their independence from Christianity, the Caribbean people will find their true autonomy and freedom. Knowing what the Caribbean people underwent not so long ago, by continuing to be Christian, a black Christian is a traitor to the memory of his ancestors.”

The only way out is to apostatize and return to the original religion or freely choose a new one, says Roehr. “Leaving this religion doesn’t mean you don’t love Jesus, it only asks the clergy to erase your name from their list of the faithful who tithe to lavishly nourish them. If you are a Catholic, just send a letter of apostasy at the archdiocese of your birthplace. It is your right!” Free forms are available on www.apostasynow.org.

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