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RAEL supports President Mugabe on the nationalization of Western owned companies in Zimbabwe


In a speech made public on Saturday April 16, RAEL, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement congratulated and supported President Robert MUGABE in his policy of nationalization of the economy, taking over companies owned by western countries in Zimbabwe.

In a recent speech, President Mugabe said his government will proceed with the “indigenisation and empowerment policy and programs to ensure that the resources are managed, controlled and exploited by Zimbabwe and that they benefit the majority of the people.” He also said he would appreciate the whites doing business in Zimbabwe only as subordinates to the indigenous Zimbabweans in all areas of business.

RAEL applauded President Mugabe’s decision and said: “All African countries should do the same. Africa belongs to Africans, not to the ex-colonizers who continue their colonialist behavior under the disguise of powerful multinational conglomerates.”Similarly, Rael said in a previous release: “All African nations should nationalize all companies and lands belonging to ex-colonialist countries or their descendants, and they should do this without paying any compensation. On the contrary, even after nationalization, the ex-colonialist countries should still pay huge reparations to cover the centuries of exploiting and pillaging African resources” http://fr.raelafrica.org/news.php?extend.130
Furthermore RAEL in his constant support of Africa has said: “Yes it is truly time that Africans finally get true independence and put an end to the shame. Africans, take in your hands your destiny by rejecting in block the foreign structures which have been imposed onto you by force, be they political, religious or cultural.”

“Africa must belong to the Africans, in particular the resources which continue to be plundered by the former colonial powers. Africa to the Africans!” Rael added.

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