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Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, decides to give all his books away for free.

The Maitreya

Press release, March 2005 – In an unprecedented act of generosity, spiritual leader Rael has transferred all his books into electronic format and is now giving them away for free. They can be downloaded from www.rael.org, no strings attached.

“These messages are a gift from the Elohim, the extra-terrestrials who created humanity, to us, their children, mankind? says Rael. “They are too precious to let money stop people from reading them. Now that new electronic technologies can allow us to avoid printing costs, we can give them for free, instantly across the planet by Internet. We want them to be available to every person on earth, it is the right of every human being to read the messages addressed to them from their creators, the Elohim?.And for those who cannot read, they will also available free as mp3 audio recorded narrations. The books have now been published in 34 languages and the aim is to have all these available in pdf and mp3 downloadable for free by Internet from www.rael.org .

“This demonstrates that we are truly a non profit organisation? says Dr Wenner, Raelian Bishop, responsible for making them available on the internet. “In the Raelian Movement, no one gets paid a salary, not even Rael. Of course, like any organisation in today’s world, we need money to establish the embassy to officially welcome the extraterrestrials, but we are just talking about an embassy, nothing as exorbitant as the Vatican or other such monuments to greed whose employees get paid inflated salaries. Our prime aim is to inform the world about the messages kindly given by the extra-terrestrials to humanity, explaining that it was they who made all life on earth, including man in their image, that we mistook them for gods, that it was they who initiated all the prophets, and now that we are beginning to create life ourselves and can understand them rationally, they are ready to come down openly as soon as we build an official embassy to welcome them?.

Knowing the truth about where we came from and the truth behind all religions, that is humanity’s birthright, it is also the answer to preventing a war of religions. Every human being has the right to know, and that is why Rael is giving the electronic books away for free. I don’t know of any other organisation that uses the Internet to demonstrate such generosity.

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