Rael: ‘Rwanda’s chief-of-protocol arrest amounts to judiciary colonialism.’

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“Rose Kabuye’s arrest is unacceptable,” said Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement. “All African countries should cease diplomatic relationships with France.”

Kabuye, Rwanda’s chief of protocol, was arrested Sunday upon arrival at Frankfurt Airport under a French-issued arrest warrant for her alleged role in the assassination of former President Juvenal Habyarimana.

Upon learning of the arrest, Prophet Rael described it as “yet another act of judiciary colonialism”. “African judges should reply by launching international arrest warrants against French individuals suspected of having committed crimes in France,” Rael commented. “If it works one way, it should be reciprocal. If not, it’s pure colonialism.” He added, “All other African countries should cancel their diplomatic relations with France as an act of anti-colonialist solidarity.”On the day following Kabuye’s arrest, the Rwanda government expelled Germany’s envoy and recalled its own ambassador to Germany, and the African Union released a statement expressing “dismay and concern” over Kabuye’s arrest, saying she should have been entitled to immunity since she was on official business.

Rael applauded the Rwandan government’s decision, calling it “a great move in the right direction.” He urged all African countries to act in solidarity with Rwanda by cutting diplomatic relations with both France and the European Union.
“Kama, Africa’s real name before colonization, doesn’t need Europe,” he added. “By building relationships with countries such as China and India, it can easily replace the old colonial masters, who behave as though they still own Africa. As ex-colonized countries themselves, the Asian countries have a better understanding of and a real respect for African countries.”

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