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Rael: Money and apologies are not enough!


Auckland, June 30th: RAEL, the spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement would like to send his congratulations to the Maori leaders of the seven tribes of New Zealand who have been awarded the largest land settlement in New Zealand history while at the same time making it clear: money and apologies are not enough. The NZ Raelian Movement sees the restoration of the native land to the Maori People as an overall positive step but it needs to noted there is a long way to go to repair the crimes committed by the European colonisers.RAEL puts forward the following action plan: “The New Zealand government should finance schools to re-educate the Maori people, to teach them their original culture, religion and language, making these languages mandatory first language in these schools, with English as a second language – only to be learned later. This should include all levels of schools, including kindergarden and primary schools which should all be taught only in the Maori ‘native’ language.”

“New Zealand has set a precedent for other countries to follow. Many indigenous populations around the world are still waiting for compensation for the crimes of their invaders. American and Canadian Indians should receive the same settlement as the Maori people have been awarded, as well as the Australian Aboriginals – and one day the Palestinians will also receive it.” predicts RAEL

Mark Woodgate, the National Guide of the NZ Raelian Movement states: “Prime Minister, Helen Clarke, should be commended for her resolve to settle these long held land disputes and injustices, and we support ongoing action that will restore and reinstate the native religion of the Maori culture. Actions such as the opportunity for Maori people to apostasise from the religions that were imposed on the Maori people, and to be stating the truth: that their colonized and abused ancestors cannot rest in peace as long as their grandchildren continue to belong to the religion of their tormentors and colonizers.”

The NZ Raelian Movement position is clear: It is only by reclaiming your birthright to your land, to your original culture and religion that you also reclaim your dignity.

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