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Rael Asks Laurent Gbagbo And Alassane Ouattara To Mutually Declare The Secession Of The North And The South.

Gbagbo Ouattara
Gbagbo Ouattara

Faithful to his project of giving the power back to the fundamental ethnic groups and their chiefs or kings in a Pan-African Confederation named the United States of Kama that would reject all the borders established during colonial times, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelians, asks Laurent Gbagbo whom the colonizers would like to see resign and Alassane Ouattara to mutually declare the secession of the North and the South of the Ivory Coast and the creation of two independent states, one in the North, the other in the South

He declares: “if the creation of a federal Ivorian State composed of a Northern and a Southern State maybe attractive, it is a bad choice because why creating a division between the North and the South only when there are other ethnic groups that are not represented? And furthermore, if there is a federation, a president will be needed to rule the so called federation, coming back to the same problem of choosing this president between the North and the South.Former colonizers, blinded by their holy “democratic principals” are asking President Gbagbo to resign in order to respect this democratic vote” they say. But Democracy is not acceptable in a formally colonized Africa. Because these artificial states established by colonizers include ethnic groups of different sizes. And therefore, the ethnic group with the largest population is assured of winning the election and is later able to tyrannize the minority groups that this latter will understandably never accept.

In the European Community, no country would accept to be ruled by the president of the most populated state. The French would never accept to be governed by a German president. Why demand this of Africans?

The only solution to end this crisis directly resulting from colonialism and artificial borders created by colonizers who took absolutely no account of existing kingdoms and ethnic groups is to go back to pre colonial borders…and in this case, mainly the people of the North, commonly called Dioula and the people of the South, neither being prepared, understandably so, to be ruled by the other ethnic group. Only the complete independence of a Northern State ( that could be called North Ivory) and a Southern State that could keep the name of Ivory Coast, if it suits its citizens, can insure a long term solution.

Consequently, I recommend to the President of the North, Alasane Ouattara, and to President Laurent Gbagbo to mutually proclaim the independence of the two states, recommending to them to also found their own power upon a Federation of kingdoms and ethnic groups that compose the North and the South. That way, these powers would be strongly rooted and supported by all whether in the North or in the South

I also recommend them to discontinue paternal ties with France who is always ready to intervene with its military under such easy pretense of wishing to protect its Nationals while completely despising the Independence of Africa; and instead replace these ties of dependency with economical and military ties with China, another formerly colonized country but whose economical and technological development is ideal for the development of Africa without the paternal and racist undertone of France.

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