Africa To Africans!

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The current dramatic events in Côte d’Ivoire prove that France has retained its colonizing spirit and constantly uses in Africa the false pretext of “protecting its nationals” to intervene militarily. The African States in their decolonization which remains to be completed, must therefore ensure that France no longer has any excuse to send its troops.

The solution is simple: “French nationals” must return home. It is not a question here of carrying out a racist or xenophobic policy … But, like many powerful countries, for example Japan, prohibit the Ivorian citizens for example to have dual nationality. Offer French emigrants a simple choice: “either you take Ivorian nationality and give up French nationality, or you go home.” If there are only Ivorians in Côte d’Ivoire, France will no longer have the pretext of “protecting its nationals” to send its troops. It is the policy of Japan, I remind you, which prohibits its citizens from dual nationality.

Finally, remember that if in one country, any party does not agree with the rest, secession is the best non-violent solution, even if a referendum with the populations concerned should take place. The creation of this new state would allow everyone to live in peace at home, as was done with the creation of Pakistan in north-west India from the English colonizers.

Because in any case, the artificial borders defined by the colonizing powers are completely unrealistic and must be abandoned by the creation of new states, respecting ethnic and cultural differences, united within a confederation called the United States of Africa with a single currency: Afro as I explain in a previous text.

But the former colonizing powers wish to keep the large artificial states which they have created and over which they can more easily control, directly or indirectly, the policy in order to be able to continue to plunder them by multinational companies interposed, largely using corruption like the recent scandals French politico-financiers have proven it.

Africa must belong to Africans, in particular its resources which continue to be plundered by the former colonial powers. Africa to Africans!

Peace and fraternity to the people of Côte d’Ivoire who must be able to find a solution to the current drama by non-violent means such as those explained above.

Valcourt, (Québec) CANADA, Tuesday 28th January 57 aH. (2003)

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