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Hip-Hop singer Lauryn Hill to be nominated as Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement.


During a recent concert at the Vatican, Hip-Hop singer Lauryn Hill severely criticized the Roman Catholic Church for its corruption and abuse of children.

His Holiness Rael who has been denouncing the Catholic Church for many decades and who has also filed a lawsuit at the United Nations against the Catholic Church for crimes against Humanity, has nominated the popular singer as honorary guide of the Raelian Movement . Lauryn Hill is the fifth honorary guide to be nominated after Madonna, Sinead O’Connor, George Michael and Michael Moore.On December 13th, at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Raelian Movement, His Holiness Rael also launched a one year campaign for promotion of atheism as monotheist religions have been the source of war and suffering for centuries and still are today. The Raelian Movement is the largest organization in the world for the promotion of atheism and will unite all atheist organizations in Rome on December 13, 2004 for a demonstration at the place where Giordano Bruno was burned alive. A statue of the Pope will be burned in memory of all those, like Giordano Bruno, who were abused and killed by the Catholic Church for speaking the truth.

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