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!!!! Happy Saturnalia !!!!

Pere Noel
Pere Noel

While the pope criticizes the materialistic way of celebrating Christmas, our Beloved Prophet replied to him by encouraging people to celebrate it in the most materialistic way, bringing back these holiday time’s parties to their pre-Christian origins: the Roman Saturnalia’s festivals which existed for thousand of years before Christianity in many pre-Christian cultures .

Rael declared: The catholic pope has obviously forgotten that the original celebrations occurring at the end of December were not at all Christian…but beautiful “pagan” celebrations called Saturnalia where people were partying naked and having fun. The early Catholic church did all it could to “Christianize” these “pagan” parties”.Now one more time the catholic pope is trying to create guilt in people who want to enjoy these happy times and have fun. I ask all the people to enjoy these festivities telling each other “merry saturnalia” instead of “merry Christmas” as these celebrations have nothing to do with Jesus who was not even born at this time of the year.
You may check the historic truth about these info on: http://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/Christmas_TheRealStory.htm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas

Rael added : “People must enjoy life by spending as much as they can of their hard earned money just for fun and pleasure and making gift to others during these festivals remembering that being the richest of the cemetery is the most stupid possible event, as nobody keeps his wealth after death … enjoy your end of year “orgies” for Saturnalia ! The best way to celebrate it being faithful to the pre-Christian Saturnalia celebrations is to have good
sex and why not, disguised in Santa Klaus. “

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