God doesn’t exist. Apostatize in all consciousness!

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Baptism, essentially a Christian practice, is a ritual originally initiated by conviction, then by tradition. Nowadays, it is usually done by tradition. In most cases, the person who was baptised never had a say in the baptism. More often than not, the choice was decided by a third party (parents). Consent was not required and the act consequently was imposed.

Too little ! Too late !
You have certainly seen the Church reacting recently to the many scandals it is the subject of. Accusations of pedophilia, rape or abortion of nuns, or financial scandals, there seems to be no end to it, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, yes those American cardinals sure looked beautiful parading in front of their pope! What other purpose could this pomp have served other than to protect the image of the priests and bishops?
What about the victims? Not a word. Compensation, maybe? Nothing!

If the thinking of the Catholic Church was right, its words would also be right and so would its actions. However, it is not.

In the face of betrayal by the Church that claims to be the guardian of moral values and the truth, the faithful have been lied to.
There is only one solution: deny this pompous religion.
Get yourself de-baptised to no longer be associated with these reprehensible acts:


Given that they baptized you at your birth without your consent, which betrays the message of Jesus who himself baptized only adults, ** by apostatizing today, you are restoring the truth and putting an end to this betrayal.

Given that Pope John-Paul II and his bishops abandoned the idea of imposing sanctions on the Church’s priests who were guilty of the crimes of pedophilia, rape or abortion of nuns, we suggest all those who condemn these crimes should apostatize. So apostasy will replace the sanctions.

The catholic church: A real barrier for the awakening of African people.

– To the attention of the people of Africa and of African descent and those who suffered spiritual colonization by Christianity

Given that you wish to dissociate yourself from a Church of which you disapprove, apostasy is therefore entirely justified *.

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