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Many people in the world are shocked by the idea of cloning. Yet cloning is so simple: to take some cells and make them become other chil- dren is nothing. But soon, very quickly we will be able to do like the Elohim. We will take a lit- tle bit of all chemical products contained in a handful of soil, because, as the Bible says, in a handful of soil there is all that is needed to cre- ate a human being: we find all the elements of the table of Mendeleiv, everything is there, and that is what is in us; that is what we are made of, in addition to water.

Take a handful of soil, put it in a container with a bit of water, this is almost a man, some people are no more than that some politicians, for example! But if you add the genetic code, the spirit, the knowledge, then this becomes a human being, or a cat or an earthworm, but it becomes a living thing.

Soon we will know how to do it very quickly, and even more people will be shocked to see that we become capable of going into the garden to take a handful of soil and create life, not from manipulating the genetic code from an ovum or a spermatozoon, or the nucleus of a cell, but simply with rocks, and we’ll see life appear. That’s what the Elohim did when they came to Earth; It will shock even more all the conservatives who are already saying today, when one talks a bit about cloning: “what a horror! Howcome?! This is dramatic, it is scandalous.” Life from a handful of soil, this will be even worse for them. I see some young children in the room. It is a must that these young children do what they like, develop their love for science, for knowledge, it is so important and this knowledge should not be reserved for a racist elite, that is to say, for the populations of Northern countries, of Western countries. You have the same right to it as the others. I spent last night dreaming, thinking of you. And I was telling myself that, it takes only a few inventors in humanity at the right moment, in the right place, or at the wrong moment in the wrong place, to have some populations develop themselves more than others. It takes only a little to have that.

The white people believe that they have invented everything; when one thinks of it, it is only a little. That’s why I was telling you yesterday to have no complex of inferiority toward the whites. None. You are capable of doing, not as well… but better than them. The whites think for example that, among other things, they have discovered paper. Paper was invented by the Chinese long before the whites. The whites believe they have invented gunpowder — if I may say, it is known that this also comes from the Chinese. The Italians believe they have invented spaghetti — it is known that this comes from the Chinese as well. Many things that whites are sure they have invented come from the Chinese. The wheel, it is not sure that it comes from the whites. And there are many things like that which are just illusions.

In fact, one should realize that all that exists has not been invented, because all that has been invented existed before elsewhere.

It just took an open eye to see: whether it is the genetic code, the atom, iron, the wheel, it exist- ed before it was discovered. Gunpowder and electricity existed before they were discovered. It only took people who were good observers and who wanted to reproduce what was observed.

This is why I am proud of what I heard recently about this young 12-year-old boy of Cote d’Ivoire who has passed his Baccalaureate. He has been sent to the USA for his higher education. I am happy for that, but at the same time I am not happy. Because this young man is going to the USA to get the knowledge, and this is not right. There exists now a new technology called the internet. You might know — if not, I’ll let you know that there is now a university in the USA where you can take all your exams and earn your diplomas by internet, no more need to move to go to school. It’s one of the biggest American universities. So what I wish is that all young Africans have internet access at home, this way there will be no more need for school or university. You can have it at home, and put all the old school concepts into question. All the children can have computers at very low prices. People think that it takes important infrastructures with satellites at the cost of billions of dollars to bring the internet. There is no more need for satellites, that’s over. No more need even for telephone cables to bring the internet signal.

Electricity is necessary, yes. Not all African regions have electricity… Now, thanks to new technologies you can also have electricity locally from solar energy. Each house can be equipped with solar panels, for which the cost is decreasing more and more. Thus, each house will generate its own electricity, not for heat, nor for cooking (these consume too much electricity), but for the computer.

The Americans have got an extraordinary idea to substitute for the highly costly satellites. They use small planes, like the ULM: they are very small, cheap planes; when improved, they can fly a bit higher, at an altitude of about then thousand meters, and they have on their bellies the same equipment as satellites. They fly at almost a standstill, and so the entire country is covered by the internet signal. There are three planes of this type. They cost almost nothing in comparison with the cost of a satellite. Countries that cannot afford a satellite could be equipped with such planes, and so be immediately equal to the most advanced states of the planet.

I wish to see this accomplished in your country, and in all of Africa. It exists, it’s not a dream, it’s not the future; this company exists and already has contracts with another underprivileged people, the Native Americans. They have just signed some contracts and have already bought some planes to receive the internet on their reservations.

Internet is a priority, and this is another message I am bringing to your President of the Republic: educate the youngters by internet. Because, thanks to the internet, you can immediately have access to all the knowledge of the planet with computers which are not necessarily new — one needs not buy Pentium 500’s. Used Pentiums, which the Europeans don’t want anymore because they always want new, are a great value — like an “old” Pentium of three years, four years, five years which is worth almost nothing (computers become quickly obsolete) maybe 20 dollars, or 30 dollars.

I want these computers collected and sent to Africa. This is more important than giving food, because it is enabling those who tomorrow will be capable of being equal to the others “to learn how to fish.” And this program can be immediate, it can be implemented very quickly.

A four or five-year-old computer allows as much access as a new one to today’s technologies, and to adjust to those of tomorrow. Knowledge is updated daily, and there is no need to have a new computer to have access to this knowledge; that’s what is extraordinary.

Of course, with these old computers, it may not be possible to have color animation; no big deal! This is not the most important thing. The luxury of watching movies in color will not cre- ate the geniuses of tomorrow which the Earth so desperately needs today.

Keep in mind the objective of sharing the idea of this necessity with those around you. Get it spread in schools, get it spread everywhere in the population.

I know that the sentiment of inferiority is a deep evil in Africa. As I said yesterday, I will say it again, and insist on it: your worst enemy is not the colonizing populations that have exploited you and continue to exploit you, it is you yourself.

Every time you believe that you are inferior to the whites, you become inferior. When you stop believing it, you no longer become it. This doesn’t mean that you should become aggressive, or angry. On the contrary, you must forgive them. Ok, we have been idiots long enough, ill-organized in the past, but this is over! Today we are as much capable as you of doing every- thing, and inventing things you have not invent- ed. There are inventors among Africans, there are Mozarts among Africans, there are Einsteins among Africans, but they have not had  and  do  not  yet   have   the  means to express it.

You know, if Einstein or Mozart had been raised by wolves, they would have barked with the wolves. They would have never composed symphonies, nor contributed to the advancement of science. This is what should be understood, and it is the deep reality. If you place infant geniuses with wolves, they would be like wolf infants who were discovered in the past in all regions of the world. They were crawling on four feet, they were incapable of standing up, because when one stays on four feet until a certain age, one can no longer stand up and walk. They could also not talk, and in a way they could no longer become human again. Do this with Mozart, do it with Einstein, and it will be the same thing despite their genius! Brought up by wolves, Mozart would never have played piano, for in order to come up with a melody, he must have knowledge, and it is only then that he could express his genius.

This is why it is so important to educate, to have access to information, access to knowledge in order to bring out the wonder that the human genius is capable of.

You have at times – well, not only you, as the Europeans also make this mistake – the tendency to admire and to envy the apostles who lived in direct contact with Jesus: John, Paul, Peter, etc… They were wonderful and extraordinary beings, and you pray to them. No, they were ignorant. They could not read, they could not write. They were poor fishermen. Go into the poorest regions of Africa, where there are fishermen who cannot read nor write; that is about the level of the apostles of Jesus.

And all the followers of the great Prophets of old were duds, by lack of science. You must understand that. The simplest person among you today knows more than all the apostles who followed Jesus. They were looking at the sky with the imbecility of that time. Please understand this. Even the greatest apostles, Peter, Paul and the others — stars were, for them, small ligths hooked to the sky; the Earth was flat, and one would fall down if one went beyond the border.

Imagine believing all this, one just can’t help but laugh. But you blacks from Congo, you are far more advanced than all the great white people who have existed in the past. Please under- stand this!

At this moment, I talk to you about cloning and you understand me. I talk about a spermato- zoon and an ovule and you understand me. But let’s not go back to the epoch of Jesus, let’s stop at the time of the colonists who, thanks to sticks and guns, came and devastated this country 200, 150, 100 years ago. Do you think that they would have understood cloning? Of course not! You have more knowledge than those who have colonized your ancestors — understand this, be conscious of this.

Education and knowledge is what makes a scientist; and this is why it is so important to have access to knowledge. You are all Einsteins, geniuses compared to the big imbeciles who came with guns to colonize your grandparents. Be conscious of that. If one of them were to become reincarnated today with his gun and the uniform of colonizer, you would tell him: today we are making life in laboratories using an ovule and a spermatozoon. He would say, “What is that?” And you could sit in front of his stupefied eyes and explain him for hours… The colonist could not know one-tenth, one-hundredth of what you know today. You would take him for a tour of the country by car, he would say, “But, what is that?” Of course they came by boat and had horses as vehicles. You know much more than they could possibly know. Have confidence in yourself! You can do it — you have in your population professors of mathmatics, of history, of science, and scientists in laboratories, agronomists, people who are and who know infinitely more than the populations of people who have colonized you in the past.


It is science that is important. Likewise, your poor ancestors were conquered and dominated by white people, because they had mastered the use of firearms, which you did not yet know. Unfortunately, less evolved and disrespectful populations, such as the colonizers, use the supremacy brought about by a temporary advancement, like technology, to dominate others. But in evolved, non-violent and peaceful populations, like some found elsewhere in the universe, the ELOHIM, for example, it does not work this way. Yet, the ELOHIM could colonize us immediately if they wanted to, because their level of science is infinite; their level of knowledge is unimaginable, even for the greatest genius the Earth has ever borne, bears or will bear until far into the future.

Know that the ELOHIM are capable of moving entire solar systems, yet we can’t understand how this is possible. They can just decide: this sun, we would rather place it there, we will move this planet and put it here, or we will go and create a solar system somewhere. If I say this to our earth scientists, they would think that I am crazy, raving. By the way, if 150 years ago they had been told about the genetic code or the computer, they would have said the same thing. It is normal that people are lacking in imagination — that they are lacking in science. “Any man is an idiot by lack of science” — this was already written in the ancient religious scriptures.

So you should clearly understand that the higher one raises his level of science, the higher one must, in parallel, raise his level of consciousness — this explains why the ELOHIM are not colonizers. They could, in just one finger snap, totally subdue all of the earth’s population — the largest atomic bombs, the biggest American strategic armaments would be nothing compared to their technology. The Americans would not even have time to fire the bombs, the planes would not even have time to take off — everything would be paralyzed before any action could be taken. If the ELOHIM want- ed to invade and colonize the Earth, it would be very easy for them — but this is not their wish. On the contrary, the ELOHIM tell us: “We love you, you are our children, we would have tears in our eyes if you would like to welcome us in remembrance of what we have done for you, and, if you’d like, and only if you’d like, build an embassy for us — this will be the most beautiful day of our lives, and we hope it will also be the most beautiful day of your lives. This way, we could give you a bit of our knowledge to help you — a bit, not too much, because of the risk that some of you might use it for negative pur- poses. We could go a little bit further, and above all be happy to meet our children and be loved by them.” This is what they say.

How can we imagine a deeper humility than that of these people who have created everything on Earth…?

They create us in their image, after their likeness, with the power of consciousness, of spirit; we are here, we grow and develop, they help us by sending prophets, messengers, so that we can reach something beautiful. They could rightly say to themselves: we return to our home. But no, they say, “Please, build us an embassy.” Is there something that could touch us or make us cry more than this?

This is something else when compared to the behavior of the Whites who came to Africa and behaved as conquerors and invaders…. It is another level of consciousness, asking those they have created, the Whites, the Blacks, the Yellows, “Would you like to welcome us?” The first colonists could have done the same thing when they arrived; they could have said, “Hello, excuse us for disturbing you, but would you like to welcome us?”

This is the greatness and the wisdom of the humility of the ELOHIM.

Remember, humility is the most important quality, particularly in countries torn apart like yours. When one is humble, one does not become a military force, one does not become a warrior. One may be a peacekeeper, because it is good to have militaries to keep peace against unbalanced minds, the insane and violent people, because violent people must be stopped, through treatment, from being allowed to harm non-violent people. They are peace- keepers, and it is good to have a small task force of peacekeepers, as it is mentioned in the Messages.

But we need no more militaries that take power by force — this is complete stupidity, and we know where it leads most of the populations of the Earth.

Absolute non-violence comes from humility. Who am I to dare to impose my wish upon others? Who am I? Nobody! Nothing! A bit of dust, we all are a bit of dust, but a bit of dust with consciousness, a bit of dust capable of being conscious that we are the Infinite becoming conscious of itself. In fact, we are the intelligence of the Infinite, because infinity in itself is silly, it becomes intelligent through the human being. The Infinite is stupid, and has no intelligence, except when it becomes alive — yet it is only the same small parts of which it is composed…


The most beautiful manifestation of consciousness is love. What is love?

Love is to look and to understand what we are. I am only dust, and I am made of carrots, of yams my mother has eaten when she conceived me. And as I keep eating, my body’s cells are renewed, and if I stop eating, I return to dust. I am made of parts of carrots, of sweet potatoes, of meats and of fishes — all these allow my consciousness to continue to express itself. I am nothing other than dust. And what do I have in front of me? There is dust, unconscious and silly, and suddently I see human beings who are like me, whatever the color of their skin may be. A human being is something absolutely insignificant, it is just a bit of dust which is, like me, at the same time as me, on the same planet, at the same moment, at the right place and all together, a bit of the Infinite becoming conscious of itself. It will die however, perhaps in a minute. Because no one knows when your heart will stop beating — perhaps I will die at the end of my sentence. So, look at your neighbor right now with the awareness that maybe he will die in a minute. Look! How many of you have lost your father, your brother, your mother, your children, in the wars you have had, or by accident, and are saying, “I should have given him/her more love, I should have talked to him/her, I should have…” Oh, yes, it is too late, it is over, he/she is in the carpet – he/she is in the dust. Do it while they and you are still alive. So, when one understands to what extent this life, this consciousness, is fragile, fugacious, one can no longer make war, one can- not kill one another, for life is too short.

Yes, understand to what extent everything goes fast. Rael was to arrive in Africa, and I am already almost gone back. On Earth, it is the same thing. One is dead before he realizes that he was born. Life runs at an incredible speed, and one accomplishes so little during that lifetime. How long do you live? 70 years! As I read before I arrived, the average life expectancy in this country is 45 years — that is not much. In France, it is 85 years, so let us take a mean between the two – say, for example, a life expectancy of 65 years, what is it? 65 times we tour around the sun — it really is not much. One must profit of each tour! During the first five years, a person is not conscious, he (she) is too young. And, when one becomes old, one is not conscious either — one falls back into child hood, this is a bit problematic. So, how much is left? 30 years, 40 years, during which one can be conscious — it is too little! So, take advantage of it.

Enjoy this life, because each life, each person, each individual who is around us is precious. The silliest, the most annoying, the most timid, as well as the richest, and the most brilliant people become extraordinary. This is all because one has the chance to live at the same time with the others.

Many people ask me the question and want to know if, in order to be wise and conscious, one needs to move slowly. These people think that one must sit cross-legged, speak- ing slowly like the Presidents of the Republic, and this way they will have the feeling that they are intelligent. They are not intelligent at all. Intelligence and consciousness develop with the swiftness and the quality of the information that is transmitted. Surely, certain  false  prophets  or  false  wisemen  say…………..   my  …………  very………………. dear………………  brothers  …………….  the ……………sky   ……………..  is   ……………  with  …………….you…………….

One can also speak very fast like I do, trying to deliver the maximum amount of information in the fastest way possible, so that you can know the most possible. One can spend a long time saying nothing, or one can say everything very fast!

I prefer to say a lot very fast, rather than to say nothing in a long time. Do you understand? I like watching television, and I particularly like watching political leaders who have the extraordinary talent of saying nothing in a long time — they are true artists of their type. I like to watch them, because for me, who has to say everything in a very short time, I find that what they do is extraordinarily difficult, a true sport!

In all the countries, they are all alike, they talk a lot but they say nothing. And when you take a look at your watch, they have spoken for an hour! And, let’s say that you are listening — when you do not fall asleep!

This is the talent of politicians — are they wise? If so, I prefer not to be wise, so that I can trans- mit knowledge quickly.

Train yourself to think fast, to speak fast, making sure that you are understood, of course. Train yourself to pass on quickly the information, to move fast — I know it is a little bit difficult in Africa, as the climate is hot. But the faster you move, the faster you work, the more efficient you are. To discover scientific things or other things, if you move  slowly, you will discover it slowly. This is what characterises geniuses like Brigitte and others, when you see them in laboratories or elsewhere, it is like a ping-pong game, it goes fast, very fast.

Develop this swiftness — one must be swift, even in wisdom, even in meditation. Look, I will surprise you. We know that to meditate is to lie down. Yes, this is in the begining, when you are learning. And then, spend 20 minutes listening to the cassette of Raël. Yes, this is in the begining, when you are learning.

You can be in a permanent state of meditation while working, while making love, while going to the toilet, and at all times. Don’t partition your life: now I meditate, now I will make love with my companion. No, do everything at the same time. Accustom yourself to accomplishing many tasks at the same time — this reinforces your brain. If you are a right-handed person, try and enjoy writing with your left hand, amuse yourself writing words in reverse, it puts different parts of your brain to work. If you have always thought in a certain way, try to think in another way. If you like the color red, and not the color blue, dress in blue just to see what it does.

Always probe new sectors of your life, develop your mind and your conscious- ness. If you don’t like Blacks, this is what I tell Europeans (here, of course, there is no problem): go and talk to them. If you don’t like tapioca, taste tapioca. I forbid myself to dislike any food on Earth. When I arrived in Japan, there was Nato, a food made of fermented soybeans, it smells very bad! And it was late at night, and I saw Lisa, my companion at that time, eating it delightfully, using sticks. Thus, I forgot my first impression of repulsion to see what effect this would have on my brain. Now, I love it. You must force yourself to taste, because you can’t say that you don’t like something as long as you have not discovered the taste. You must put your brain into a state of virginity, without preconception, to discover what is good in what people give you. Whether it is culture, whether it is science, whether it is food.

Train yourself to like what you don’t like. You can have preferences, dishes you prefer, and you are not obliged to force yourself to eat every day the dishes you like the least — this is not what I am saying. But it is important to learn to be capable of appreciating… There is no food on Earth that I am incapable of eating, there is no color on Earth that I am not capable of appreciating. In all things we do, there is beauty.

Be conscious, all the time, that you are beings in a development process — do not stop at a preconception, do not stop at a complex of inferiority. This one is what I’ve noticed the most in you, because I have heard so many Africans telling me that the whites are better.

Go and probe science, go and probe knowl- edge, push your children, encourage your chidren, not to become equal to whites, but rather to become better, because they are capable of that, and because they have the duty of becoming so — and maybe one day, your culture will be so developed that Europeans will come and study in Africa.


The City of Sciences, English, Traditional Languages, The United States of Africa.

I have a big project, and Brigitte is here with me to see how to put it into concrete form. I would like to create a city of sciences here, the first African City of Sciences which could be called “Scientopolis,” where there would be a laboratory for cloning which all the so-called developed countries have condemned for “ethical” reasons…

I really hope that this will be done in an African country. There, genetically modified foods will be produced, genetically modified plants allowing us to feed the whole world. This will multiply agricultural industrial productions by 10, by 100, by 1,000, because it is possible to produce food crops with a yield per hectare 1,000 times higher, thanks to genetic modifications. It is feasable, it is possible, we can produce bananas as big as your thigh, and tasting 10 times better. We can make coconuts as big as pumpkins! There are no pumpkins here. I must find another image. We can make coconut trees where the nuts would be lower than the level of our heads — it would be less dangerous when we take a nap. We can make a lawn that needs not be mowed, if we program the grass to stop growing after a given height. We can do every- thing, we can become ELOHIM, we can become gods. All is possible.

I would like to create this city of sciences in Africa, with a laboratory for genetics, a laboratory for cloning, a laboratory for electronics. My son, who has a school of computer science in Paris, could also help with this project. He could also help you to train the youngsters to be at the same level as the Americans, and make Africa jump, suddenly, from the middle age, directly into the future without having to go through intermediate periods. This would outrage the Western countries, because, in reality, they say loudly, “We must help Africa,” and then they whisper… “but not too much. They must progress a little, but they must not become bet- ter than us, because they must continue to consume our products, to buy what we have to sell them” – these are the words of hypocrites.

On the contrary, I want you to become a little bit above them. Everyone has his turn at last, and it is normal not to have the same people always ahead of the others.

I would like Africa to develop so much that maybe, one day, it will help the new “third world” which Europe would become — this will be interesting. And, European students would come and study here, and you would welcome them with kind regards and no malice. We need this type of reversal. Think about it, it is possible. I am not dreaming. It all depends only on you, on your pride, on your dignity, on your eagerness to know, and on the knowledge you will have shared with your children.

All this is possible. There may even be a greater chance than you imagine. Why? Because Western countries have handicaps that you don’t have. The handicap of “ethics.” You must abandon “ethics.” Be aware, because this issue could spring up here. Their “ethics” come from traditional religions, such as the Catholic religion. I want us to launch a big planetary campaign of apostasy in countries which have been colonized. Here is the clear message to get to your brothers and sisters of Africa:  “How can you be a Christian, given what the colonizers have done to your ancestors? When you are Christian, you make your great-grandfather who is watching you from the sky cry. Because your great-grandfather and your great-grandmother have suffered under the Christian colonizers. They were converted by force, they are up there, they are watching you and they are thinking: how can they go to the church of those who have massacred us? How can they? Think of your ancestors. The best way of making them happy is to apostatize from the Catholic Church. This church which so tortured your ancestors, forcing them, separating them by force from their family. I apostatize. I bear them no malice, I forgive them, but you see, I have decided to no longer be a member of the Catholic Church.

Sign your act of apostasy and add – “In memory of my ancestors, whom you have converted by force” – then send it to your bishop.

This message must be sent — this is a must!

And you can also, after this apostasy, choose to have the privilege of being Raelian, to belong to the Raelian Movement, which is not, which has never been, and which will never be a coloniz- ing religion. It respects all groups, all ethnicities, all differences. It wants each small group, each small ethnicity to shine all its lights. It is in favor of one world language, another aspect of the fight for dignity. For me, you must abandon French, choose English — I may be shocking you. Why, you might wonder? Because English is the planetary language of today. Besides, especially in countries colonized by France, it is a slap in the face to the colonists of the past to abandon their language and choose English. They are so proud that the French have left some traces here, like the church and the school, which also use the French language. You have languages that are beautiful — I know that there are 50 or 60 in your country. In Africa, there are thousands of languages that must be preserved. Like the traditional cultures of your villages — they must be pre- served; your children in villages must learn the traditional African languages you have, and English; throw away French, into the trash can… French will enable you to talk to only very few people; there are 1% of French people on Earth! There are 2% of French speakers! There are 70% of English speakers and people who can speak English more or less. With English, you can go everywhere, I can go everywhere. I go to Russia. I go to China, I go to Japan, and, with this language, I communicate with the whole world. With French,  you  get Belgium, Switzerland….and the French, it’s only 2% of the world population; besides, this language is difficult to learn.

Teach English to your children, and you will open up their universe. By teaching them French, you open them to only 2% of the world population  —  the  choice  is  quickly  made. Do not forget your local languages, as they are an important tradition, and they contain a part of the ELOHIM’s knowledge, because they come from the ELOHIM. From the beginning, there is a bit of the ELOHIM’s knowledge, an understanding and some culture of the ELOHIM in all the languages of the Earth.

Right now, at the United Nations, there are about 280 countries in the world. Very soon there will be 2,000 or 3,000 — because all the regions will have their independence.

It is also another idea I am defending — the creation of the United States of Africa, because Africa must prepare for the upcom- ing big international fight, the economic and financial fight.

Today, Europe is united with a new currency called the Euro; Asia is doing the same thing: a zone of free exchange, which unites a large number of Asian countries, is being formed. In America, it is NAFTA, which gathers the economies of all the Americas with the proposi- tion of free exchange and no taxes. There are already no taxes between the USA, Canada and Mexico. All this is happening. In Africa, there is nothing yet. And nobody is pushing you to do it. Why? Because they want you to be eco- nomically dependent.

You must create “The United States of Africa” — this is very important. The United States of Africa, with an African currency, which I called “The Afro.” The Euro exists, so why not the Afro? Press your political leaders to launch all this… the creation of an African union is being delayed by the inability of the OAU to move forward, because when it moves two steps ahead it immediately moves three steps back.

Start with your close neighbours, and suggest to your political leaders to start just with neigh- bouring countries, by establishing a free exchange zone with one country, then with another one, then with another one again; after a while, those countries which did not want to join the free exchange would see the grass being cut under their feet. The OAU would be forced to pedal…

It must go fast. It must be done. Not in 40 years, otherwise you will add to the delay you experience today. This should have been done before Europe, before NAFTA. You must create a free exchange zone, because if all the products, all the raw materials, move freely, free of customs and taxes, among all the African countries, then you will have access to wealth. This continent has everything to be rich if the economic borders are suppressed (this is one of the messages I bring), if it installs a single currency (so that you can circulate everywhere), and if it creates a federalised African government composed of all the small groups, inclusive of all native ethnicities.

Who has drawn the borders? The colonizers. They took the map and drew lines: this is for you, the British, this is for you, the Belgians, and this is for us, the French. It didn’t exist before. You had your ethnic groups, which were independant. Things must become like they were before. Like the people of the Corse in France, and the people of Quebec in Canada, who want to be independant. This way, there will be no more genocide like what you have had between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Why this did happen? Genocide originates with people forced by the colonists to live together in the same country. And, as you know better than me, when an ethnic group comes into power, it crushes the others. Each ethnic group must have its total independence in an African Federation where all the ethnic groups would be represented. A thousand, five hundred, all equally represented.

This will be Africa of tomorrow. It is the only possibility you have to repair this injustice of the colonists who came and defined borders for you without any concern of having sometimes separated some groups of people in two. This is stupid, and it creates the tensions you have, leading to the dramas you go through episodically. That is why you have these genocides. They are so awful.

One could think that Africans are violent. No. If you force two rats to live together in a cage, with one in command, the other rat will be unhappy, particularly if the cage is small. Each must have its independance, its space, its autonomy. You must have an African government of the United States of Africa. The United States of Africa would be economically as powerful (if not more powerful) as the United States of America, because you have all the raw materials, and this should allow you, with a single currency, to become also scientifically equal to the Westerners. This is what I wish for you — this is what I hope to see.


Because, to be the Prophet now on Earth is not only to reveal the secrets of our origins, which are in the Messages of the Elohim; it is not only to promise you a magnificent future, thanks to science and the knowledge that you will become Elohim yourselves. To be the Prophet today is to get involved in today’s politics, so that people can live bet- ter, and particularly to get involved in countries which suffered the most from the egoism and the brutality of those who had the chance to have, for a short moment, a small advance. This advance is sad.

The only way to reach world peace is to unite. This is why my role as prophet is not only spiritual and religious, it is also political. And even if I make some enemies, and one of them might one day assassinate me, I will still say what I have to say.

Thank you all.


Speech of His Holiness Rael, given on December 13th , 56 a.H (2001), in Brazzaville, Congo (In Apocalypse International N° 125, 2nd quarter 56 a.H (2002), p. 12-13)

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