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Crime against humanity committed by the pope


The Raelian bishops of Africa expose the complicity of the French speaking, catholic bishops of West Africa in the crime against humanity committed by the pope

The Raelian bishops of Africa, disciples of the last Prophet, Rael, ambassador of our creators who are referred to as Elohim in the original bible in ancient Hebrew, stand against the statements made by French speaking catholic bishops of West Africa, through the channel of cardinal Theodore Adrien ( Article published in Fraternite Matin, in Abidjan, on 28-29 March 2009).

It is rather funny to read the remarks made by the catholic bishops ‘’The lack of moral is a crime against humanity (…) in that respect, the advertising slogans and the distribution of condoms would be irresponsible and considered a crime against humanity’’!To that allegation, the Raelian bishops of Africa have responded:

‘’First of all, it is important to redefine what a crime against humanity is: A crime against humanity is the one that kills, that is taking life away… with regards to HIV, we are talking about millions of young Africans that might be killed by the virus.

When the catholic bishops of West Africa, thanks to their cardinal Monsieur Theodore Adrien, pretend that condemning the pope for his remarks is somewhat’’ destroying the African morale values’’, they take an immoral position! To condemn the pope remarks doesn’t take anybody’s life away; on the contrary, it will save people’s life, especially those who will use condoms. It could be that the catholic bishops forgot to consult the French language dictionary and look for the true meaning of the word ‘’crime’’.

They are accomplice of a true genocide killing millions of Africans, but also struggle with the French language and the understanding of what is a crime.

Their so called Christian moral kills and those who fight it save lives’’

The cardinal Theodore Adrien dares to add the following ‘’At last, we are saying that Africans have the capacity to think by themselves, about their own problems and that of the whole humanity. We deplore and protest against the crime, coming from the dark ages, where our brothers and sisters were treated as merchandises and movable goods (The Black Code, Art 44), by those who today strive to think for us, speak for us, and act on our behalf because they don’t see us fit!’’

On that subject, the Raelian Bishops of Africa, point out the following:
‘’It is very important to remember that Catholics obeying to Rome and its pope, have written the Black Code showing the religious assimilation needed for the domination of black slaves by the Catholic slave traders. The Black Code states that all slaves must be converted by force and be baptized and educated within the Roman apostolic catholic religion, public practise of any other religion was forbidden, but the catholic religion, and that black slaves ( even after their conversion and catholic baptism ) are movable goods. This Black Code was nothing more than an instrument for black people to be religiously assimilated by the religion of their colonizers and slave traders, mainly the catholic religion.

Furthermore, the Vatican is at the origin of modern slavery on a large scale (transatlantic slave trade or triangular trade). The catholic religion will be at the origin of a new form of slavery, the one that is backed up by religious motivations: A religious ideology that defines a person by his or her religion and the following decrees by Pope Nicolas V confirm it:

* Suitable favors and special graces on those Catholic kings and princes, who…not only restrain the savage excesses of the Saracens and of other infidels…but also for the defence and increase of the faith vanquish them and their kingdoms and habitations, though situated in the remotest parts unknown to us (Bull Romanus Pontifex, p21)

* To the catholic king of Portugal, who was mandated to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and the kingdoms, principalities, dominions, possessions, and all movable and immovable goods whatsoever held and possessed by them and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, principalities, dominions, possessions, and goods, and to convert them to his and their use and profit (Bull Romanus Pontifex, p23)

In 1550, during what is called the ‘’Valladolid Controverse’’, the personal representative of the catholic pope of Rome to foreign nations, will deliver the verdict that the Amerindians have indeed a soul and therefore are ‘‘human’’. And in a codicil of this verdict, the catholic pope thanks to his personal representative to foreign nations will advocate the use of black Africans as slaves for Americas, Europe and elsewhere in the Christian world. Hence the triangular trade (Africa-America-Europe) was born and will flourish. Thanks to the Pope and to Christianity!
The African Catholic Bishops are in bad position to be ashamed of the fact that the Black people have been treated as movable goods, as non human, as having no ”soul” … all this thanks to their own Religion, that is to say the Christian catholic religion which is the cradle of racism and anti-Semitism against black people! By the way, the Christian bible which has been brought to Africa has been falsified, distorted, manipulated, in which still remain racist paragraphs, reducing the black people to slaves, to the damned, to movable goods, to non-humans cursed for eternity, to inferior beings (cf. The curse of Cham in Genesis IX, 20-27)”
The only spiritual decolonization possible for the Black Christian is to apostatize. To apostatize, is not renouncing Jesus, but recognize him, by rejecting the church and those who betrayed him, who speak in his name without having been mandated by the heavens for that purpose! If Jesus were back on earth today he would not be Christian, but Raelian, that is to say at the service of his brother who is a Prophet, the Messiah, the last Messenger of our creators, the Elohim of the original Bible in ancient Hebrew”.
In addition, the Raelian Bishops of Africa state the following:

” By taking part in the spiritual, cultural and economic colonization of Africa the Catholic Church has a huge responsibility in the material misery of the African continent. The Catholic Church has created the conditions favorable for the pillage of the continent resources’ and wealth by Europe (cf. Letter of King Leopold II of Belgium addressed to the Belgian missionaries going to Congo). It is known that the Church has been an accomplice of the genocide in Rwanda. It is also known that the church is still practicing racism against black people even in the Vatican , a fact that Serge Bile has fiercely and courageously denounced recently in his book ”Et si dieu n’aimait pas les Noirs” (”If god did not like black people”).

The position of catholic bishop of West Africa is a good example of the blind submission to the authority, talking on the matter related to AIDS, the expertise of the church is very limited even non existent. The pope condemning the use of condom confirms that the anti-science position of the church is yet to change. The catholic bishops of West-Africa must know that by their action, they are being accomplices of the existence of AIDS in Africa, hence of the suffering and the death of thousands of Africans. And also they show to the face of the whole world that Africans still suffer from the inferiority complex toward white people, a complex which has been purposely planned and developed by the spiritual colonization (cf. www.raelafrica.org). Otherwise how can one understand, while everywhere in the world, on all the continents, Catholics have condemned the reaction of the pope and even are apostatizing massively (50 cases registered in less than a month in Quebec), to know the catholic bishops of West-Africa are backing the pope who, in all evidences has made a mistake on the question of the use of condoms.
Are the catholic bishops of West Africa afraid of the evident showing the fallibility of the pope?

Are they afraid that Africans discover that the infallibility of the pope is just a myth?

Finally, the Raelian Bishops of Africa reiterate the following:

”The pope by advocating against the use of condoms has committed a crime against humanity, and he must be brought to justice for that, unless he recognizes his mistake and publicly apologize to the populations and all victims’’.


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