Consciousness, love, intelligence and speed.

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The most beautiful manifestation of consciousness is love. What is love? Love is to look and to understand what we are. I am only dust, and I am made of carrots, of yams my mother ate when she conceived me. And as I keep eating, my body’s cells are renewed, and if I stop eating, I return to dust. I am made of parts of carrots, of sweet potatoes, of meats and of fishes — all these allow my consciousness to continue to express itself. I am nothing other than dust. And what do I have in front of me? It is dust, unconscious and silly, and suddenly I see human beings who are like me, whatever the color of their skin may be. A human being is something absolutely insignificant, it is just a bit of dust which is, like me, at the same time as me, on the same planet, at the same moment, at the right place and all together, a bit of the infinite becoming conscious of itself. It will die however, perhaps in a minute. Because no one knows when your heart will stop beating — perhaps I will die at the end of my sentence. So, look at your neighbor right now with the awareness that maybe he will die in a minute. Look! How many of you have lost your father, your brother, your mother, your children, in the wars you have had, or by accident, and are saying, “I should have given him/her more love, I should have talked to him/her, I should have…” Oh, yes, it is too late, it is over, he/she is in the carpet – he/she is in the dust. Do it while you are both still alive. So, when one understands to what extent this life, this consciousness, is fragile, and fugacious, one can no longer make war, one cannot kill one another, for life is too short.Yes, understand to what extent everything goes fast. RAEL was to arrive in Africa, and I am already almost gone back. On Earth, it is the same thing. One is dead before he realizes that he was born. Life runs at an incredible speed, and one accomplishes so little during that lifetime. How long do you live? 70 years! As I read before arriving here, the average life expectancy in this country is 45 years — that is not much. In France, it is 85 years, so let us take a mean between the two – say, for example, a life expectancy of 65 years, what is it? turning around the sun 65 times – this is really not much. One must truly take advantage of each turn! During the first five years, a person is not conscious, he (she) is too young. Also, when one becomes old, one is not conscious either — one falls back into childhood, this is a bit problematic. So, how many years are left? 30 years, 40 years, during which one can be conscious — it is too little! So, take advantage of it.

Enjoy this life, because each life, each person, each individual around us is precious. The silliest, the most annoying, the most timid, as well as the wealthiest, and the most brilliant people become extraordinary. This is because one has the chance to live at the same time with the others.

Many people ask me and want to know if, in order to be wise and conscious, one needs to move slowly. These people think that one must sit cross-legged, speak slowly like the Presidents of the Republic, and in doing this, they will have the feeling that they are intelligent. They are not intelligent at all. Intelligence and consciousness develop with the speed and the quality of the information that is transmitted. Surely, certain false prophets or false wise men say ………….. my ………… very ……………. dear ……………… brothers ……………. the …………… sky …………….. is …………… with ……………. you…………….

One can also speak very fast like I do, trying to deliver the maximum amount of information in the fastest way possible, so that you can acquire the most possible knowledge. One can spend a long time saying nothing, or one can say everything very fast!

I prefer to say a lot very fast, rather than say to nothing in a long time. Do you understand? I like watching television, and I particularly like watching political leaders who have the extraordinary talent of saying nothing for a long time — they are true artists of their type. I like to watch them, because for me, who have to say everything in a very short time, I find that what they do is extraordinarily difficult, a true sport!

In all the countries, they are all alike, they talk a lot but they say nothing. And when you watch the time, they have spoken for an hour! And, this is when you are listening — when you do not fall asleep!

This is the talent of politicians — are they wise?

If so, I prefer not to be wise, so that I can transmit knowledge quickly.

Train yourself to think fast, to speak fast, making sure that you are understood, of course. Train yourself to pass on information quickly, to move fast — I know it is a little bit difficult in Africa, as the climate is hot. But the faster you move, the faster you work, the more efficient you are. To discover scientific things or other things, if you move slowly, you will discover it slowly. This is what characterizes geniuses like Brigitte and others, when you see them in laboratories or elsewhere, it is like a ping-pong game, it goes fast, very fast.

Develop this speed — one must be swift, even in wisdom, even in meditation.

Look, I will surprise you. We know that to meditate is to lie down. Yes, this is in the beginning, when you are learning. And then, spend 20 minutes listening to RAEL`s tape. Yes, this is in the beginning, when you are learning.

You can be in a permanent state of meditation, while working, while making love, while going to the toilet, and at all times. Don’t partition your life: now, I meditate; now I will make love with my companion. No, do everything at the same time. Accustom yourself to accomplishing many tasks at the same time — this reinforces your brain. If you are a right-handed person, try and enjoy writing with your left hand, amuse yourself writing words in reverse, it puts different parts of your brain to work. If you think in a certain way, try to think in another way. If you like the color reds, and not the color blue, dress in blue just to see what it does.

Always probe new areas of your life, develop your mind and your consciousness. If you don’t like Blacks, this is what I tell Europeans (here, of course, there is no problem): go and talk to them. If you don’t like tapioca, taste tapioca. I forbid myself to dislike any food on Earth.

When I arrived in Japan, there was NATO, a food made of fermented soybeans, it smells very bad! And it was late at night, and I saw Lisa, my companion at that time, eating it delightfully, using sticks. Thus, I forgot my first impression of repulsion to see what effect this would have on my brain. Now, I love it. You must force yourself to taste, because you can’t say that you don’t like something as long as you have not discovered the taste. You must put your brain into a state of virginity, without preconception, to discover what is good in what people give you. Whether it is culture, whether it is science whether it is food.

Train yourself to like what you don’t like. You can have preferences, dishes you prefer, and you are not obliged to force yourself to eat every day the dishes you like the least — this is not what I am saying. But it is important to learn to be able to appreciate… There is no food on Earth that I am incapable of eating, there is no color on Earth that I am not capable of appreciating. In all things we do, there is beauty.

Be conscious, at all time, that you are beings in a development process — do not stop at a preconceive notion; do not stop at a inferiority complex. This one is what I’ve noticed the most in you, because I have heard so many Africans telling me that the whites are better.

Go and probe science, go and probe knowledge, push your children, encourage your children, not to become equal to whites, but rather to become better, because they are capable of that, and because they have the duty of becoming so — and maybe one day, your culture will be so developed that Europeans will come and study in Africa.

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