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Dr Hortense Gbedia Dodo : Appel à La Diaspora Kamite (Africaine)


Appeal to the African diaspora

Hortense Gbedia Dodo, Guide Raëlienne et Ph.D., née en Côte d’Ivoire, a lancé un appel à la diaspora afro-américaine et à tous les Afro-Américains pour aider à mettre fin au bain de sang en Côte d’Ivoire et dans la plupart des pays kamites (africains).

Transcript : The whole of the African continent need to have an interruption of all these external interference of all these international interference one of the true reason we behind the scene reasonof what is going on but boy what ahollow visa is not you know it’s justthe real reason is what’s beendiscovered in what is called the Gulf ofGuinea big regatta of Guinea which isyou know anywhere from you might want tostart from librarian through Coted’Ivoire Ghana all of this country downto Angola they have discovered thelargers or reserve one of the largestoil reserve in the world potentially ontop of that I understand that the gridof the oil is apparently of a higherquality when even they were oil in theMiddle East so the true reason for allof this calamity bloodshed on politicaland civil unrest going on Britain CodyVaz well in many countries in that areaof Africa is really becauseunfortunately the West is trying toposition itself to have control on theiron the reason why so much of this isgoing on is because they have a stampone of the faction or one of thefighting faction have a stamp from theUnited States from the United Nationfrom friends from the United on theEuropean Union but it is okay for you todo so to gain power so you have a UnitedNation and military forces that are onthe ground and war now part of wereactually part of the fight they’re notvery much a peacekeeping force we’rethere as a fighting military forceagainst against civilian ivorian so myappeal truly is not so much to ask themto come inis to add them to retreat enough isenoughhow many more Africa need to die forthem to realize that is not correct thesame thing happen in Rwanda and we wereall there their watch and after the factwhen people are coming and try to findsolution bla bla in the meantime you hadthousands and thousands of human humanbeing who had been killed we need to dosomething we need to rise other peoplethe same way by the people of Egypt cametogether day after day week after weekand waving two or three weeks were ableto overthrow a government the same waybut Gandhi and people in media fewdecade ago came other people and wereable to free themselves from colonialthe previous colonial power the same wayI believe at the African diasporaand I’m kidding in the African Diasporathe African American community theyhardly mean in term of media they have amean in term of wealth they have a meanthe celebrity they have a meaning termof visibility and making an appeal toany of those brothers and sisters toplease speak out to please come out anddo something because it is on each andevery one of us it’s on our watch wecannot be comfortable anymore anymoresimply because all of our children orall of our family is somewhere herepeople are dying they have today wholevillage being burned and the mediaunfortunately the media but people arehearing about is lying about itI don’t understand why but it’s not trueI speak to my brothers I speak to myfriend and what they’re telling mecompared to what are you in the media istotally different story so I’m making anappeal to this whole community to theAfrican diaspora- via boolean Desura to speak out to beto speak out for themselves forthemselves because it’s too heavy of aprice to pay to speak up for the nextgeneration of African people to speak upand to do something in their power sothat they stop not in your mouth not inthree weeks not in five days when wehave all of these government comingtogether it can be stopped today theycan be stopped now if we as the peoplecome together and wise enough is enoughAfrica deserve some peace the Africanpeople are human being like any otherpeople from any other continent and wedeserve to be in peace we deserve tohave the basics we deserve to not havethis imperialism power bring and pose onus in the 21st century do you realizewhat’s do you realize that there wasslavery the slave trade until today hasnot even been recognized by the UnitedNations as a crime against humanity andwe’re all sitting there everybody’scomfortable you had so many millions ofpeople killed during the slave trade onlow united nation are not even aknowledge but this was a crime againsthumanity and today is under the watch ofthe united nation but the whole ofafrica is going under going with secondlevel or third level of imperialismChristmas to stop the United Nationreunited state friends well you knowPeron Union the African Union comestothis today and there won’t be any morebloodshed and we’re situation can beresolved the same way it is resolvedin the United States the same way it isresolved in any other country where youhave you know discrepancy in theelection misunderstanding or you knowsome competition at least level it canbe solvedthere is no presidential election thatshould be a justification from so muchviolence even for just one human beingbeing killed but for villages beingburned because somebody’s from one sideof your verse ahead in the 21st centurywe shouldn’t be witnessing event likethat the African Diaspora need to getinvolved but specifically the AfricanAmerican community which I wish to hearso much more of need to get involvedthis can be stopped if we can all riselike the people in Egypt rise togetherand stop and how to change meet andbecome always not as African not as theIvorianbut as human being as humankind we canalways together are see in life is deaththe bloodshed needs to stopwe can do this and find a solution in adifferent way


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