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Africans, have no inferiority complex…


This is the first time that I am in Africa on a December 13…. And it is for me a deep joy, because my Father and I, we love Africa: This continent is what counts the most. And do no think that I say this to please you, thinking that when Rael is in Asia he says that Asia is what counts the most, and when he is in Oceania he says that it’s Oceania….

No, the continent which is the most important to the eyes of the Elohim is Africa! Why? Because you are inhabitants of a continent which has preserved an extraordinary purity and you are not handicapped by your culture like Westerners are. I know that many of you still live with this sort of inferiority complex Vis a Vis of the Europeans. Your biggest enemy, is not the colonizers, it is not colonization whether political, economical, cultural or religious, it is you, it is yourself.Your biggest enemy is you, whenever you think that you are inferior to “white people”. And all of you think so …… I know it and it is wrong. You are not at all inferior to “the whites”. You are a little bit superior. Think about it!

Let these sentences penetrate you! You are a little bit superior to “the whites”. Why? Because you have the purity they have lost. They have lost their purity and their innocence because of their culture and mostly because of their crimes. Crimes such as slavery, colonization and all what you have suffered from. You have been victims, they, they have been guilty, and when one feels guilty, one looses his / her purity, one looses his/her freshness and at the same time one becomes bitter and increasingly disgusting, lacking love, and thus, little by little the civilization shrinks and ends up by disappearing.

Africa still has its purity. Africans should be conscious of that.

I remember having often heard during my many travels….“Ah Whites people, have invented everything, the “Whites have discovered everything and we, poor Africans, we have done nothing”. Don’t ever say that! They have had the chance at certain times, to discover certain things, but it is not all of them. The majority of them are idiots. They have had some geniuses who were born by chance in their civilization.

The majority of the “Whites” are incapable of inventing powder, electricity or genetics. It is only some of them who have made some inventions, but all of them say loudly: ““we have invented the plane”. They don’t even know what it is made of. They would not even know how to build one. But they have the impression that the discoveries made by certain geniuses were made by them. Have no inferiority complex! They are stupid and short sighted. There are a few brilliant ones. But these ones have never committed crimes against your culture, against your people, against Africa, never. Those who came to Africa are invaders, stupid colonizers who took advantage of things they have never invented, such as gun powder or planes and they used them to dominate Africa politically and culturally, and to abuse you. So have no inferiority complex!

The message I am bringing…. is that your youth must be trained.

Not the way Western Powers would like to train you. By making you go through the industrialization process in order to always be a step ahead of you so that they can continue to consider you as developing countries. That is a neo-colonization.

I would like all the children in schools to have access to computers, and that must be a priority. Access to the internet should be immediate for the whole population. If you have access to these means of training, you will not be left behind, but you will be at the same level as the other continents.

Genetics is also very important. That’s why I came with Dr. Boisselier who is in charge of the human cloning project. I hope that the human cloning laboratory will be built here.

I came also with my son Ramuel, who is here; he manages a computer science school in Paris. I would like to have Africans trained. He has agreed to help me, to help you have a computer science school. You must jump to be directly at the same level as the other continents; and maybe thanks to your talent, your genius and your freshness you will be ahead of all the other countries. I am saying that this is possible indeed!

Have no inferiority complex. Never look at a “white person” and say: “yes, but they are great and we, we have nothing”. No! You are the ones who are putting the poison in your head. You are capable of being better than them at all levels. I do insist, at all levels. But you must believe in you! You must believe in yourself; and to believe in yourself, you must find and go back to your roots and your culture; and it is for this reason that any African worthy to be called African does not have the right to remain Christian.

What is Christianity? Oh!, I do respect Christians… when they stay at home…, that is to say in Rome…, that is to say in Europe. But here you have been converted by force. Your ancestors were converted by force. To be Christian when you are an African is to betray your ancestors. Become Raëlians! I will launch a big apostasy campaign. I hope you will apostatize from the Christian religion, because it is the religion of the colonizers, the slave owners who have looted, stole and abused you and continue to do so.

If you abandon the Christian religion you can choose to become atheist (it’s your right), or nothing (you are not obliged to become Raelian), or you may become Muslim (because this at least is not the religion of your colonizers), whatever you may like, everything except Christian. Because to be Christian, is to send an insult to your ancestors who have suffered, who have been converted by the use of the stick, and whose children were taken away from them in order to put into schools by force. This is what it is to be a Christian! How can one be Christian and African? This has always surprised me! This is because you say to yourself that the “whites” are superior…

No, this is wrong! Stand up! Be proud, be great, be yourself!

There were many local religions in the past, in your cultures which the colonizers, in their big disrespect of your cultures have called animist or primitive religions. These religions were much more beautiful than Christianity and they were directly linked to the ELOHIM. In your ancient gods, there are the ELOHIM, whose name was adapted to African words. Find them and go back to them. Find your roots and go back to them while embracing the sciences of the future which will make you, not equal, but superior to your ancient colonizers.

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