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A transsexual condemned in Nigeria for having lived his femininity


Ottawa, March 10, 2005 – Extract from a letter addressed to: Abubakar Hamza Florida, US –possibly at Nigeria Prison Service.

Please allow me to transmit to you in the name of the last of the prophets, RAEL, spiritual leader and founder of the International Raelian Movement (www.rael.org), all his support, and that of his 60 000 members, for the tenacity with which you affirm your difference.You are right to affirm that we were all created different. Inside each man, there is a part of femininity and inside each woman, there is a part of masculinity and nobody is similar to the other one; up to us to discover what there is in us and to live it. You have a body of man, but inside you, femininity occupies a great place, which you wish to live and I invite you to continue listening to what your inner feeling and to be what you are.

In his teachings, the prophet Rael shows us that ” sexual orientation is genetic”, i.e. it is defined before the birth of the child in his mother’s womb and “to reproach a homosexual for being homosexual, is as stupid as to reproach a cat for being a cat”… or a black for being black. And he also says: ” standardization of people destroys the differences and kills the talents of the people who have the most value for the future of humanity; geniuses, artists and the leaders.” Rael

The Raelian movement was created, lets recall, following the encounter that prophet RAEL had with the Elohim (called Allah in the Koran).They gave him as mission, to spread on planet a new message showing men that they had been created by a civilization coming from another planet.

Rael is thus the last of the prophets that comes to prepare the return on Earth of Mohammed the prophet just as the return of all the other prophets of all the other religions.

I invite you to persevere in the expression of your identity and to encourage those who around you, would like to do likewise by promoting among men as among African women their femininity (www.raelafrica.org), expression of the refinement and of the humanism that exists in each human being, whether he has the body of a man or woman.

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