News Item: Let's Contact Dr Graves
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Sunday 15 January 2006

Tai Ehouan, Bishop and Continental Guide of Africa, recently put out a press release in support of activist attorney and AIDS researcher Dr. Boyd Graves, in which he requested a neutral and independent International Enquiry Commission to investigate the accusation that the AIDS virus was created as a secret biological weapon intended to reduce the Black Population.

We, in the Diaspora, organized to deliver this information and the Raelian Messages to Dr Graves, who now lives in San Diego, California. On October12, Sage Ali met with Dr Graves, who was speaking at the Los Angeles Jubilee Commemoration, and handed him a copy of The Message Given By Extraterrestrials, and Let’s Welcome the Extraterrestrials, as well as a compilation of Rael’s words for Africa.

Hortense Dodo
Responsible for the African Diaspora

Cellule de diffusion au près de la diaspora noire

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