Sunday 15 January 2006
Many people in the world are now shocked by the cloning. Yet the cloning is so simple: to take some cells and make them become other children is nothing. But soon, very quickly we will be able to do like the Elohim. We will take a little bit of all chemical products contained in a handful of soil, because as the bible says, in a handful of soil there is all what is needed to create a human being: we find all the elements of the table of Mendeleyev, everything is there, and that is what is in us; that is what we are made of, in addition of water.
Sunday 28 August 2005
To be the Prophet on Earth now is not only to reveal the secrets of our origins, which are in the Messages of the Elohim; it is not only to promise you a magnificent future, thanks to science and the knowledge that you will become Elohim yourselves. To be the Prophet today is to get involved in today's politics, so that people can live better, and particularly to get involved in the politics of countries which suffered the most from the ego and the brutality of those who had the chance to have, for a short moment, a small advance. This advance is sad.

The only way to reach world peace is to unite. This is why my role as prophet is not only spiritual and religious, it is also political. And even if I make some enemies, and one of them might one day assassinate me, I will still say what I have to say.
Thank you all.

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