Sunday 15 January 2006
The extraordinary revolution which is taking place in Eastern Europe is softly but surely drawing African populations in its wake, for the governments and media in the so-called “democratic countries the least have been closing their eyes (to say) for too long on the lack of freedom in so-called “united Africa. The single political party, exactly like the former countries of the East, is still governing most African states, thus forbidding any real plurality and opposition.
Sunday 15 January 2006
How many thousands of innocent Africans will die in civil wars like in Rwanda before one understands that the cause of these terrible events is the monstrous European colonization?

When colonizers arrived on this immense continent, they deliberately created countries which did not exist by drawing totally arbitrary and artificial boundaries in order to share the looting of local resources. In each African state, one can find up to more than a hundred groups of people who have nothing in common with their neighbors, neither in their traditions nor in their customs, even sometimes in their languages which are so different that the groups cannot understand one another.
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