Sunday 15 January 2006
May 59aH (2005)

May is a very special month for all Haitians and for all blacks that populate this planet. The people of Haiti were the first black people to say NO to colonial slavery on May 18, 1803. Useless to point out here the devastations that colonial slavery made on this planet. We just have that to look at the state in which the African continent is and the mental confusion in which many blacks are today. The colonial slave system not only destabilized the black people but disconnected it from its roots, of its original religion that linked it with its creators. The aim of my article is not to tell the history of the independence of Haiti. I propose here a glance on this unfinished independence that must pass by the spiritual decolonization, and of the return to the original religions.
Sunday 15 January 2006
The only way for Black Christians to exercise spiritual decolonization: APOSTATIZE!

“I thank my brother and friend ‘Uriel’ Nawej, for his book that I have read in its entirety. I highly recommend it to anyone who is thirsty for knowledge, especially for its view on Christianity as an essential instrument of the initial “colonization"? and the present “neo-colonization"? The book also exposes another truth which is much less well known: the Semitic origins of some African peoples. These two subjects only – chosen among many other essential subjects -- should satisfy many readers…..and I say emphatically that I’ve learned a lot from this book."?
AMPION Willy Christian, Prince Heir of the throne of Téké in the Kingdom of Kongo.
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