Sunday 25 October 2015
ABIDJAN, Oct. 24 – According to a statement released today by the International Raelian Movement, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has revoked the Honorary Guide title he awarded President Sassou Nguesso in 2004.

“In Brazzaville in December of 2001, President Sassou Nguesso became the first chief-of-state to officially welcome Maitreya Rael,” said Raelian Guide and Spokesperson for Congo Uriel Nawej. “At that time, he also demonstrated a high level of respect for all religious minorities, which prompted Maitreya Rael to award him the title of ‘Honorary Guide for Humanity.’ But this title is only given to those devoting their lives to helping humanity and promoting respect for its diversity.”

Nawej said Maitreya Rael expressed disappointment after recent events in Brazzaville in which civilians were shot while peacefully protesting.

“Those civilians were protesting President Nguesso’s wish to extend his stay in the presidency,” Nawej explained. “Honorary Guides have the mission of promoting a better life for all human beings, and President Nguesso’s actions in the past few years haven’t been dedicated to the development and blossoming of the Congolese people or their country. So he cannot remain in the very selective list of about 80 individuals who are true Honorary Guides, consistently devoting their lives and their talents for the good of humanity.

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Tuesday 26 July 2011
In a recent speech about world events, Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, declared his support for Muammar Kadhafi, guide of the Libyan revolution. Rael said Kadhafi is a victim of international aggression and supported Kadhafi’s proposal to replace the dollar with a gold-dinar that would become the new African currency.

After calling the currency proposal “a marvelous idea,” Rael said the true reason for the current attack on Libya is “an open secret.”

“The international aggression against Libya has been covered up under the pretext of protecting the civilian population,” he said. “The only real reason is to hoard the oil and combat Kadhafi's idea of creating a currency based on gold, which could be used instead of the dollar for oil transactions.’’

Indeed, according to recent news reports, Kadhafi has recently rejected both the dollar and euro for oil transactions. He has also called upon the African continent to unite in the use of the gold-dinar, which could become the sole currency in Africa. This idea was approved by many Arab countries and most African countries, with two exceptions: the Republic of South Africa and the chief of the Arab League. But the proposed currency measure met with serious disapproval from the United States and the European Union, and especially from President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, who calls Libya a threat to the financial security of humanity.
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