Prophet Rael

Sunday 15 January 2006
This is the first time that I am in Africa on a December 13.... And it is for me a deep joy, because my Father and I, we love Africa: This continent is what counts the most. And do no think that I say this to please you, thinking that when Rael is in Asia he says that Asia is what counts the most, and when he is in Oceania he says that it’s Oceania....

No, the continent which is the most important to the eyes of the Elohim is Africa! Why? Because you are inhabitants of a continent which has preserved an extraordinary purity and you are not handicapped by your culture like Westerners are. I know that many of you still live with this sort of inferiority complex Vis a Vis of the Europeans. Your biggest enemy, is not the colonizers, it is not colonization whether political, economical, cultural or religious, it is you, it is yourself.
Sunday 15 January 2006
It is science which is important. Likewise your poor ancestors were dominated by the Whites because these had mastered the fire arms you did not know yet.

Unfortunately, less evolved and disrespectful populations, such as the colonizers, use the supremacy brought about by a temporary advance, like the technology, to dominate the others. But in evolved non-violent and peaceful populations like some found in the universe, the ELOHIM for example, it does not work this way. Yet the ELOHIM could colonize us immediately if they wanted it, because their level of science is infinite; their level of knowledge is unimaginable, even for the greatest genius the Earth has borne bears or will bear until a far away future.
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