Prophet Rael

Sunday 22 January 2006
“This is a scoop, I have never told anyone, I couldn’t say it until this year, but you should know, Adam and Eve were black”

These were the last words of a short interview that our Beloved Prophet gave at his arrival in Brazzaville to about twenty journalists gathered in the VIP salon of the Maya-Maya airport.
The ambiance there was hard to describe after the revelation.
He also said that the best revenge over the colonizers would be to be better than them, especially in science, and it is possible.
Especially for the women who were the slaves of the slaves. He
gave the example of Dr. Hortense Dodo from Ivory Coast who
successfully modified peanuts so that they don’t give allergy anymore to those who were affected before… An example of how science gives love and how African women can be the best at it!
Outside of the airport, a large crowd was gathered and the official Kimbanguist marching band welcomed him playing “Moi y’en a T’aimer” and our Hymn “Elohim”. It was so moving… many of us cried of joy…
The Prophet Rael recon it was the best welcome he ever had…
Sunday 15 January 2006
How many thousands of innocent Africans will die in civil wars like in Rwanda before one understands that the cause of these terrible events is the monstrous European colonization?

When colonizers arrived on this immense continent, they deliberately created countries which did not exist by drawing totally arbitrary and artificial boundaries in order to share the looting of local resources. In each African state, one can find up to more than a hundred groups of people who have nothing in common with their neighbors, neither in their traditions nor in their customs, even sometimes in their languages which are so different that the groups cannot understand one another.
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